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Gday wine lovers. 

Im just beginning to put my collection together after years of wine appreciation. 

I inherited this old bottle from my mother, and its been in the bottom of my wine rack for about 20years, though I suspect it sat in my mothers rack for a long time before it came to me. 

There has been minimal volume loss, and the cork is in good condition. 

Can anyone shed a light on what it is and whether I should crack it open? 

Thanks in advance,




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You didn't show the vintage but that isn't important based on the other information you posted.  That is a Moulin Vent from a producer whom I've never heard.  In general a Moulin Vent should be drank within 7 years of the vintage.  So even if your mother and yourself have impeccable storage conditions that wine is likely dead long ago.  It's more of a sentimental keepsake at this point in my humble opinion.

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