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I'm thinking of going. I found this site for events and was curious if anyone has attended and if it was worth it.

My friend and I have each been to Venice before (incl. Florence and Rome). She has been during Carnivale. We plan to leave the US on Friday (arriving in Venice on Sat) and then head back home the following Saturday.

My other question is what other city to check out. Assuming we leave Venice on Tues or Wed., we would have about 3 days to explore. Any suggestions?
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Good advice from Ed Bowers; however, no need to go that far to find cities and scenaries as beautiful as the ones suggested by him. Try Mantua, Verona. If you like architecture of Andrea Palladio, go for a tour around Vicenza. I'd recommend strongly a bunch of small towns closer to Venice, like Monselice, Montagnana, Cittadella, Marostica, Bassano del Grappa. All of the places that I suggested are not crowded at all. The Carnevale di Venezia is very beautiful, but (I have to prevent you) it's VERY crowded.
Too sad that at that time the wheather can be a little cold.
Originally posted by snipes:
Will you and your friend require separate rooms? My wife still gives me a hard time about my mom introducing her as my "friend" when we were dating. Smile

Hope you end up going DD. Never been but would love to take my close friend there some day. Smile Smile Smile
Snipes, you should really take the mrs. to a better place than New Jersey or Long Island. Smile

There will be no separate room with my "friend" although I've heard that the purpose of these costume parties is to enable partygoers to lose any inhibitions. Hmmm ...

If it weren't for the high airfare and the limited time, Venice and Italy would be a no-brainer. However, if I were to revisit it might as well be during Carnivale.
Do you want to only spend time in one other city for your 2-3 days, or a series of day trips...renting a car or want to train it everywhere? I suggest, do a bit research, then perhaps post for more detail. Suggestions for venice...accademia, peggy guggenhiem, scuola di san rocca, harry's bar, la fenice for opera (spring for good seats). short train day trips...Padova, treviso, vicenza, bologna, ferrara, and yes, verona well worth a visit. With car, bassano del g., valdobiaddene (or ask hotel for tour info),ski a day or two in cortina. posso andare a firenze tutte le fine de settemane e essere felice! I could go on....

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