I run a small wine group made up of relative wine novices from work.  Over the course of the last couple of years, we've managed to have some wine/food pairings that have shown the group how food and wine can both make each other better.  Unfortunately, most of these have involved meat and we do have one vegan person in the group.  So I was wondering if anyone knows any vegan dishes that they think are a great match with a particular wine.  If you have a recipe for the particular dish, that would be great too.

Thanks in advance.

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It might be somewhat simple for a group of foodies, but I’ve always enjoyed pairing fresh guacamole that has plenty of garlic and cilantro as well as a squeeze of fresh lime juice with tangy Sauvignon Blanc.

Perhaps also a panzanella salad with dry rose.

Mushrooms are versatile.Roasted or sauteed King Trumpet, Maitake/Hen of the woods other exotic or wild and even common crimini/portabella. That would be my go to.

Grilled veggie kebabs also. Peppers, onions, tomato and zucchini. You could work in peaches and pineapple. 

I like what Spo's smokin'...

Ditto the mushroom recommendation.  Pinot Noir can often be a good pairing with shrooms.

The grilled  vegetables kebabs (sans fruit) might play nicely with a dry rub and a Malbec, if you char the veggies a bit.

Maybe a slightly milder version of ma-po tofu, skip the meat with an Auslese?  


Echoing most:

There are many great vegan or vegan-possible (eg. The reccomended porkless ma-po tofu) Asian dishes. Frequently these dishes are spicy — not necessarily too “hot” — but loaded with Asian spices (and sometimes at least a little Asian chili as well).  Off-dry Rieslings and Gewurztraminers are great pairings here, provided the dishes aren’t super hot. Also, Champagne is marvelous and may actually be my favorite pairing for Asian dishes low on the Scoville meter. Champagne with veggie tempura is a classic pairing.

Also would echo the mushroom idea. Another mushroom preparation thought: grilled Oyster mushrooms and King Trumpet mushrooms are outstanding. Mushrooms, generally, are super-versatile. With those, Pinot/Burgundy, Cru Beaujolais, dry and off-dry Central European whites (maybe not Gruner), white Rioja, white Rhone, Italian and Slovenian “orange” wines are all great pairings. 

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