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Originally posted by KSC02:
A nice Brunello would make a classic pairing.

Piccata di Vitello is from Milan, not Tuscany. And it is lemon and capers based and pan seared...I would go either fruity dolcetto or friesa from nearby Piemonte or ribolla gialla from friuli. Change up? Given it's middle european roots, it would probably pair with a german kabinett. Just a thought.
I'm probably a day late on this, but I haven't read through the posts.

Just as a thought experiment, then...

I actually think veal picatta CAN be paired well with a red wine, but I would go white. My #1 choice would probably be a Miani Sauvignon Blanc, but the chances of you finding that are slim to none. Realistically, I actually think a good White Graves might work -- Chevallier? As would a young and forward white Rhone, like a white Beaucastel. An Alsatian (Tokay) Pinot Gris would also be a good pairing.

Also, Champagne.
After reading this thread yesterday, I was inspired - so I made veal piccata last night. Damn, I'd forgotten how good that is - thanks W+A!

Anyway, I was cooking after the kids went down so didn't have much time and just used, and drank, a Kim Crawford SB 07 that was close at hand. Went great in the dish and drank well, but interestingly didn't quite stand up to the strong flavors. After a bite of the veal, the wine tasted muted. I might try champagne next time, but the KC was a good choice for cooking the veal.

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