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These and and all the following wines were tasted during my trip to Argentina. Just as a side note I found that in general I favored the Malbec more so than the Cabernet Sauvignon (the Cabernet Sauvignon I found to be a bit rustic) and I was surprised by the good quality of several of the Sauvignon Blancs. Many of the wines I tried are only available in Argentina and some are renamed or labled differently for export. Also several of the winemakers and owners were raving about the quality of the 2004 vintage (which they are comparing to the excellent 2002 vintage) so we should be in for several years of high quality, and hopefully great value wines, from Argentina.

Bodegas Norton Perdriel Malbec 2002

Sweet scent of ripe raspberry, strawberry and boysenberry. At first taste this was a blast of ripe berries, almost overwhelming. It balanced out better after it was open about an hour. Light oak and excellent with our steaks. Nice rich, ripe layers of ripe, sweet berries, complex but just a bit short on the finish. If you like a big, bold, fruity wine you'll love this. 89 points.

Bodegas Norton Perdriel Cabernet Sauvignon 2000

Smells and tastes like a Syrah, medium body with lots of blueberry and blackberry and a spicy finish. A light taste of tobacco on the finish and a bit acidic. 85 points.

Bodegas Norton Sauvignon Blanc 2004

Strong citric scent of grapefruit. Taste is very crisp and clean with lemon, grapefruit and lime. Kind of a medium bodied Sauvignon blanc but very fresh and there is no oak in this wine. Very tasty and a great value wine. 88 points.

Bodegas Norton Perdriel del Centenario 2002

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Merlot. Very ripe scent of raspberry and boysenberry. Taste of strawberry, raspberry and tobacco. This is a very well balanced, complex wine that just needs about 5 more years in the bottle as the tannins are quite firm. 91 points.

Bodegas Norton Perdreil del Centenario 2000

This is similar in style to the 2002 but not as ripe and complex. Good flavors but muted in comparison to the 2002. 89 points.

Bodegas Norton Perdriel del Centenario 1997

Ripe scent of raspberry and black olive. This has a nice taste of blueberry, boysenberry and raspberry, with a nice long, smooth finish. Very well balanced, this is drinking great right now and should drink well for 1-2 more years. 92 points. I liked this one enough that I brought a bottle back.

Bodegas Norton Malamado NV

In spanish malamado means 'unloved', which I think is an appropriate name for this wine. This is a dessert wine that tastes like a very watered down, weak Port wine. This really doesn't even compare well with most LBV Ports. Tastes ok and is drinkable but just not much to it. 78 points.
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