Vancouver / BC - Jan 2013

Because of Xmas and road block reasons in December, let's tentatively set the date to Jan 2013 first, and we'll go from there. Pick the day(s) that your schedule is open from the following: Jan 11,12,18,19,25,26 and perhaps Feb 1 & 2

FYI I am free on all these days, but there is a small chance I will be in Vegas for CES2013 during Jan 11-12.
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I'll consult my social coordinator tomorrow and let you know what works. I believe I only have one event planned in January (a CDP horizontal with some friends), but my wife is setting the date.

I know a cool place in Port Moody that might work with us on a decent corkage and the food is decent too!
Ok, you guys are up later then me on a week night.

Gundam, thanks for taking the initiative on this! 19th or 26th works well for me.

Geppetto, nice to know there are more interested locals and that you have a good venue. Port Moody, however, is a hop, skip and a Saturn V ride for me. I'm not sure where Gundam is located but perhaps Burnaby is more central?

If so I could do some leg work on finding us a nice location.

Thoughts gentlemen?
I'm good for either day. Burnaby is fine for me. The only place I would like to avoid is Richmond. It seems to be the farthest end of the earth for me. Obviously a lot of good options in Vancouver, but I think it is harder to find reasonable corkage rates there.

Maybe we should decide on a style of food and then we can work on wine choices? OR our wine choice can help us narrow down the restaurant choices.
I'm game for either, but we should consider that LFB has a pretty strict 2 hour limit and they have been known to be less than courteous with some of their patrons. The food is great though and really well priced (the cheaper food prices more than makes up for the $5 higher corkage).

I have not been to the PP, but I checked out Yelp's site and the pictures don't paint a very appealing picture. The food is consistantly rated highly, but is kind of pricey.

I would say that if somebody has an established relationship with LFB and can get an extension on the two hour limit, then that would be my preference. I have to say though, I have very little patience when I am a paying customer and I am not treated with respect. Seems to be a common experience at LFB.
My wife and I would be interested if the date is outside the Jan 18 - Feb 3 window for DineOut. I dislike going to any restaurant during that period, but especially so with a group.

There are a lot of restaurants that are offline-friendly these days, since the relaxation of the corkage rules.
I think I am going to have to bow out on this one. I am on this weird diet where I am on for six weeks and then off for 8 weeks (lost 70 pounds so far), so I don't think the dates are going to work for me. I would have to do earlier in January or during the "DineOut" window. I agree with Seaquam. I am not keen on trying to have a relaxing affair during DineOut.

Definitely will be interested at a later date...

I'll continue to monitor the thread to see if something pops up that will work for me, but please don't make any decisions on my account.

Hope you all have a good meet!
DineOut Vancouver time would certainly degrade the overall experience and service quality for us. I agree we should postpone to a later date. Although the week of Jan 11 is tempting, but a large offline right after Xmas/NYE might not be the best idea for our liver cells' recovery.
Let's check back in Jan. Hope to see you all next year, and I wish everyone a Merry Xmas and Happy New year.

Geppetto, I actually live 10 min drive from you. Send me an email if you want to do something local in PoMo/Coq next couple weeks.

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