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Patches, well you are in luck. In October the restaurants that stay open will more then likely have pretty good specials (2 for 1 entrees, 50% off winelists and many others). Some of the most spoken about are La Tour for french, Terra Bistro, and Sweet Basil. Since it is in the off season reservations will be easy to get. If staying in Vail there is a free bus system that will get you to where you need to go. Hope this helps.
Originally posted by mwagner7700:
Screw every other drink and order Fat Tire beer wherever you can find it. In fact, only eat places that have it on tap. I still drool when I think about it.

Next time we have an offline I'll be sure to invite you mwagner7700 and put some in the fridge before your arrival. I always keep some on hand in our house along with Shiner Bock!

Not sure if it's still there or not, but just for nostalgia and amusements sake, stop by "Beaver Liquors" down the road in Avon. There's another wine store there as well that is PereXXXX or Pear something or another that has a decent selection, but since you're in Vail the prices won't be the greatest.

Larkspur is good, as well as Left Bank...both worth checking out.

It's possible for there to be snow there now, but skiing doesn't usually open until the week before Thanksgiving depending on how much snow they've gotten, made, weather, etc.

Great place to visit, but Aspen is still hands down my favorite for an all around vacation based on skiing and nightlife. Nothing at all wrong with Vail/Summit County though! Anything out West is better than the PA, NJ, NY ski resorts!


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