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I'd  like to enjoy wine but having a hard time getting past how grapes can be difficult to grow without fungicides especially if grown in the north east making it IMHO a bottle of alcoholized chemicals (and grapes).

I've been growing concords at home for ~9 years but the last 5 years the plants got bigger and more dense (trapping moisture/humidity) , they develop black mold which kills off much of the harvest but I do not spray any fungicides etc and I still get a decent harvest (I just eat them off the vine, not making wine or anything BTW). And BTW I thinned out the vines this Fall so hopefully it ventilates better.


anyway, I was reading in the north east US it's harder to grow grapes without fungicides etc because we have humid summers. I read some places like south America can use less or no pesticides because they don't have a certain insect problem there know to grapes.


basically I'm just looking for a red and white vegan wine (not filtered with fish bladder or egg etc) that isn't sprayed much or at all with pesticides/fungicides etc. And a domestic one since I like to omit the energy needed to barge things all over the world that can be made domestically.

I never was really a wine drinker (or much a drinker at all) so I dunno if I like dry or what but should be fine with any red and white suggestions if you may.

I do remember lambrusco reunite was sweet and I took a liking to that one but I'm not really aiming for it to be like grape juice but if someone can fire off a nice list and it includes some sweet ones that's a plus. many thanks.

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