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From Labor day weekend shopping we found two kind of obscure things while kicking around.

2000 Graff Family Vineyards Mourvedre Chalone. The Graff Family was the original owners of Chalone and the grapes for this wine come from family owned vineyards in the Chalone AVA. The wine is made and bottled by Chalone.

Very very odd wine. It was very light in color, almost a light brick red, but not deep or aged looking just light. The nose was of spicy oak, with almost no fruit. On taste, I went back for the bottle. It tasted almost exactly like the Chalone Pinot. It was lighter than the Pinot, but heavely dominated by spicy oak, with just a touch of red fruit.

The Pinot Noir is the only other Chalone I've had, but I'd be reluctant to call this terrior despite the similarities. It seemed more like an attempt to cover up underripe fruit with heavy oak. We drank this, so I can't say it was below 60 pts., but I really would not recommend this, it's not at all what a Mourvedre should be.

Next up was a 2000 Tomas Coyne Contra Costa County Mourvedre. 200 cases made, from "85 year old vines near Oakly". I've called the winery but so far they have not returned my calls. This comes from the Small Berry Vineyard. I'd bet on it, and wanted them to confirm if they could.

Deep red with a blue tint on the edge. Nose was of the balsam wood and anise seed, I get from Cline's Small Berry Vineyard Mourvedre's. It was a bit lighter than the Cline, and not as complex, but had the same fruit, spice and woodsy, earthy profile, just not as rich as the Cline, but 85-87 points overall. Not a bad buy if you can find it at $14
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Love this kind. 2000 Graff Family Vineyards Mourvedre Chalone

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