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Hey folks,

The TWC was formed in 2004 and we have our 1st Anniversary Offline on Jan 22nd 2005. The Anniversary Offline took place during the biggest snow storm of that year, and everybody shows up with dedication. See below thread.

The last Anniversary Offline we have was on our 5th. Let's celebrate our 10th on the same date, same people plus new. Unfortunately, the venue we have our 1st is no longer there, so we will have to find a new venue this time. Let's start the roll call.

Venue : TBA

Date : January 22nd, 2014
Time : 6pm

Roll call:
Machine - 2003 Pegau Cuvee Reserve ( Confirmed )
BigProvolone + 1 - Confirmed
Vinoevelo - Confirmed
Sunnylea57 - 1989 Guasti Clemente Barolo Riserva ( Confirmed )
VinCentric - 2002 Louis Jadot Clos Vougeot ( Confirmed )
winederlust - 2004 Albino Rocca Vigneto Brich Ronchi Riserva ( Magnum )
Vinojoe - 2001 Paloma Merlot ( Confirmed )
Jhcwine - 1998 Chateau de Beaucastel Chateauneuf du Pape ( Confirmed )
CSM - 2003 Beaurenard Boisrenard CdP Rouge ( Confirmed )
Abryce - 1990 Lagrange, 1988 faiveley NSG les porets, or 1975 CNVE imperial riserva ( Confirmed )

Rosengoo - Some sort of SQN

I'm sorry we have to change the magnum theme due to the high cost on corkage as well as wastage being considered. We will be splitting up to 2 tables, so 1 single bottle should be ok to go around the table. Please re-consider your wine and post asap. Thank you.
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Originally posted by Rob_Sutherland:
Magnum theme?

Open to members in order of entrance to make sure the original members and lurkers get a chance to pipe-in?

I'd love to attend regardless.

I don't have many mags but love the mag idea, and having mags means we can accomodate more attendees, or get more drunk (on a wednesday woohooo!!).
I understand that this is a significant event, but having everyone bring a magnum seems a little excessive to me. There will be a ton of leftovers, and that would be a shame. I'm recalling comments in some of the offline threads about the one at Crush where so much wine was opened that people couldn't recall what they tasted, nor appreciate it due to palate fatigue.

Any thoughts on this?
I understand the desire for everyone to have a decent pour of each bottle which, with more than 10 people is only possible with magnums. But yeah, 20 people + 20 magnums = stories that will be passed down for generations.

Here's a thought: can some attendees pair up and each bring a 750 of the same bottle? Everyone will still get a good pour, and we'll have fewer bottles overall. If someone has two 750s, they could offer to sell one to another TWC member.

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