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I'm into the second season of The Family Man on Amazon. Interesting take on the spy theme, as it is an Indian TV production. The main character (sort of an Indian Jack Ryan) works for a secret section of the Indian National Intelligence Service, where they track and access terrorist threats. It's an important, but terribly low paying job, and the protagonist is constantly trying to juggle his job and family responsibilities.  They almost always speak a mixture of Hindi and English. Season 1 was dubbed into English, though it's sometimes difficult to catch it all through the thick accents. Season 2 is not dubbed, but there are subtitles available.

If you haven't already watched it, I bet you'd like "The Bureau", a French series about the General Directorate for External Security (DGSE), the equivalent of the CIA or MI6.

The were five seasons and it just gets better and better each season. It's one, long evolving story over the five seasons.

The first season is very slow, and takes place almost exclusively in their Paris offices. But be patient. The pace picks up after that, and it branches out to Syria, Iran, Lebanon, North Africa, the Ukraine, Moscow...

One of the best series I've seen in quite some time.

Watched "VAL" on Amazon Prime. Val Kilmer was never my favorite actor, but he struck some real sympathetic notes in me with this self-made documentary about his life. Narrated by his teenage son, and showing a lot of his homemade videos over the course of his career, that he started filming as soon as home video cameras became available. From his childhood with his two brothers, to his struggle with throat cancer, it is what documentaries should be: Funny, sad, and poignant.  You come away with a different opinion after traveling a mile in his shoes. I would recommend it.

really digging the new Sandman series from Netflix.  Very true to the themes of the original graphic novel.  It could have been 2 episodes shorter though with some needless dialogue that dragged on the story arc that you already knew.  That and the strength of the acting cast appeared to have dropped off after the initial 2 episodes.

Not quite as well developed like Gaiman's other series Good Omens but still worthwhile watching.

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Mindhunter is such a fine drama. Just pure dialogue and excellent acting. Minimal focus on gore, no flashy visuals, no overbearing music or mind bending twists etc. Not that any of these things are bad but it's sometimes just good to see a TV show nail the most important basics: writing & acting.
Planning on watching Eastbound & Down and Righteous Gemstones at some point. I'm a big mcbride fan and ry enjoyed Vice Principals with him and Walton Goggins

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