I just saw this score. Worst in 20 years. Expected. Brunello 2002 vintage score, which won't be out for a couple of years, will be very weak I'm sure. 2003 with the extreme heat will be interesting as well.

Hold on to your Tuscany italians, or buy more now. I have about 10 1997 Tusacany's. 7 Brunello and 3 Barolo left.
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I'm surprised that the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino could stoop to giving the 2002 vintage "only" two stars (which still means "fair vintage" according to their system)! They normally endow the worst vintages with at least three stars. So this one must be really bad! Eek

This is just another cheap attempt to boost the number of my posts!
I expect that many top producers won't even bother making a 2002 vintage. I know that Antinori announced some time ago, for example, that they will not be producing a 2002 Tignanello. Does anyone know if any other major Tuscan producers have similarly decided to skip this vintage?
Slan. Not only is he not producing Tignanello, neither of the CC Riservas, Badia and Marchesi will be made either. They will also de-classify the "lowly" Villa Antinori so they can make a drinkable wine Wink

I heard, but have no confirmation, that they used the Sangiovese grapes normally earmarked for Tignanello in the 2002 Santa Cristina. I tried a bottle and it is drinkable but nothing to get excited about. Has anyone else heard or seen this? 2002 must be a brutal vintage Frown
The WS vintage score as they list it is for Tuscany (tuscans, chianti) and not charted for Brunello. Brunello has there own chart but is rated slower (longer development, barreling).
WS will not rate 2002 Brunello's for another 4 years.

Brunello will absolutely be affected though and as some said here, many will not produce.
For all of us that love Italian, it has been one great run! Look out for Spain, they look like Italy did in the mid 90's and we know what the last 6 years has been for Italian lovers.

I think for Europe, Italy had a great run of good-great vintages.

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