I have this dilemma every year. We have T-day at the M-I-L's house every year. My wife doesn't drink. Her two brothers and one nephew are AA. And my M-I-L always wants me to open some plonk she's had under her sink since 1992. So basically out of about 16-20,  it's me, my M-I-L, and one sister-in-law that imbibe. So I usually end up bringing over a bubbly and/or German riesling. (Perhaps that's been her plan all along?)

This year, it will probably be a 2016 Patterson Cellars Sparkling Rose, and perhaps a 2003 S.A. Prum  Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese. 

Mneeley490: I feel your pain.  We're going to some friends' home.  Lots of people will be there, some more into wine, others not at all. Always a dilemma as to what to bring, but the hostess is on some good lists. She'll likely have some Turley Zins, and some wines from the Behrens Family.  My go to wine with roast turkey is Pinot Noir, and I may bring a bottle of Le Cadeau from my diminishing supply, plus a sparkler of some sort.


winedrmike posted:

2017 Merry Edwards Sauv Blanc and 2016 Matzinger Davies Eola Amity Hills pinot-  until my brother in law starts raiding the cellar

I like the Merry call and an inspired to do the same. Going with 2013 Dehlinger Altamont pinot for the red

Similar to mneeley and irwin I typically go to my M-I-L's house and she is a teetotaler so I typically skip the wine with Thanksgiving lunch at her house.  Later that evening back home PURPLE and I will typically open something for the two of us to share while watching TV.

We always open some decent wines for Thanksgiving since we usually eat with my sister-in-law and her family.  Fortunately, they have a good cellar as well and enjoy drinking good wine.  This year my contribution will be 2014 Lucien Crochet Le Chene Sancerre from magnum.  They are opening a magnum of 2002 Truchot Morey-St- Denis Vieille Vignes.  We both like large format bottles for family gatherings.  Just seems more festive. 

Every other year (including this year) we are at my in-laws.  We tend to drink Napa cabs, because that is what we like.  We don't worry about pairing it with the meal, b/c you usually need to be drunk in order to wash down my mother-in-law's food, hence we drink what we like.

We aren’t doing turkey this year. My mom lives about an hour and a half drive away. Wife and I are bringing a meal out to her, so we are assembling a lasagna at home to bake at her place. Well have a Sancerre with salad while the lasagna is in the oven, then an Oregon Pinot. 

Well, it turns out we had a few interesting wines. Not the greatest matches for turkey, etc., but some nice wines.  (Wine matching can be overrated)

They included a 2016 Turley Zinfandel, (Turley Estate, Napa), a 2014 Saint Helen from Behrens Family Winery, and a 2015 Cuvee Zoe also from Behrens, and finally a 2013 Clearing the Way Cab, also from Behrens.  Our hostess is on the Behrens mailing list apparently, and her surname is Behrens, but perhaps not related to the wine folks.

There was also some other Zin by Ridge, but I didn’t get the details of that, and a Barbera of some sort was consumed before we arrived.

irwin posted:

Well, it turns out we had a few interesting wines. Not the greatest matches for turkey, etc., but some nice wines.  (Wine matching can be overrated)

Agreed. We opened Petrichor Les Tres, assuming it would be a little more on the fruity side as it's Syrah with a touch of Grenache. Nope. Tough as nails. Good wine, but I'm either keeping it for a few years or drinking the rest of them with grilled and charred beef.

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