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Originally posted by winetarelli:

I don't know about this one. That whole underlying vampire rights thing seems to be an allegory for race and sexual preference. I think this series will come with some high horse morality, the type that is used to shape the minds of children/adolescents (and that sometimes makes me nauseas). Something about this show does feel comic book cheesy to me. I do like that brunette waitress and her shorts though. At times I did find myself being entertained, but the scale may tip in the direction where I find myself looking for something else to watch.

I watched the documentary and liked when they were talking about the history of vampires and Vlad etc. They should have left the vampire culture people out though. Those goof balls with their teeth fashioned into fangs. I hope at least one of cdr's children turn out like that. Just for entertainment reasons. Smile Wink
I've only watched one show, and it is unfortunately, one of those series that if you miss one show, you're lost.

It kind of reminded me of of the movie (and later TV series) Alien Nation, which used the same sort of premise that Spo mentioned above, although with aliens fron another planet instead of vampires.

I don't think I will bother trying to keep up with it.
This show is cheesy, and I hate to admit it, but I have been watching it (lets face it, there is just not that much on TV)and I have enjoyed it. The murder mystery, the brother cracks me up (he tells that bartender he wants to be with here then later on when she is taking out the trash what does she find?). They kind of made it look like Sam is the killer, but he may just be a freak, or maybe he is the killer, I don't know.
so who is the dog (note that I said who and not what or whose)? Is it a vampire that can change shape? who knows, but that is going to be a part of the show, I think.

And spo - I agree, that scene when she walks out the back of the bar just after the brother tells her that he loves her and finds.... was priceless.

And that scene with Sam rolling on the bed at the end of the a couple of episodes ago was just disturbing. Who knows if he is actually the killer, or just psycho, but it was plain disturbing.
Originally posted by Pauly:
Originally posted by Seaquam:
Originally posted by TBird:

not the brightest chip in the cookie, are you?

¿qué? Are some chips brighter than others?

Three mile Island, nah, he grew up on Plum Island, the animal disease research center Razz

Don't mind Tbird, he grew up on Three Mile Island.

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