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I have been trying to get a good idea on what restrictions still apply for US citizens traveling to Cuba.  If flying from the US, can individuals go alone, or must one still be part of some sort of group?  Or, is it better to fly in/out from Mexico or Canada?  Another option might be Mrs. H and I using our other non-US passports.  TIA.

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Haggis: You should check the State Department website for the latest.

We went to Cuba in 2001 on a special State Dep't visa.  Quite a fascinating experience.  I would suggest that you pack salt, pepper and hot sauce.  Spices are very expensive in Cuba and the places you will eat will serve very bland food. At least, that's the way it was 21 years ago when we went.  We were allowed to buy 2 boxes of cigars each and bring them back.  I don't smoke cigars but we bought the cigars and gave them away to people who we knew would appreciate them.

Thank you, Irwin.  A lot has changed, and some things have not, in 21 years!  It boggles my mind that the US has diplomatic relations with several of the most despotic govts in the world (China, Russia, Saudi Arabia), but is continuing to pretend that somehow Cuba is a threat to our "democracy."

Anyway, I did check the DoS website and it is ambiguous at best.  We will likely use our dual passports to enter/exit Cuba via Mexico and be done with it (unless others here have other counsel).  Thanks again.

I was in Havana Cuba for 30 days in 2017. I found Cuba beautiful fascinating awesome confusing all at the same time but the most amazing thing of all was the Cuban people. Cuba should be on anyone's bucket list for sure. Oh yeah I rented an apartment in a Cuban's family home this made my trip to Havana that more enjoyable, also I lived in Buenos Aires Argentina for nearly 10 years

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