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One more write-up from our recent Paris trip. This time for the venerable Tour D’Argent, established in 1582. This was our second time there, once again for lunch. It’s a good time to go, as it is not too crowded and you can enjoy a window seat and the spectacular view of the Seine and other Paris landmarks.

I’ve included a photo slideshow link here..


The wine list is something to behold. It’s a binder at least 4 inches thick, with tons of well-aged wines – many in half bottles. That’s the route we went, choosing 375mls of the following bottles:

1990 Bonneau du Martray Corton-Charlemagne
Still very youthful and vibrant, with bright acidity and clean stone fruit flavors. Long luscious finish. A beauty that can probably age gracefully another 5 years. 93P.

1990 JL Chave Hermitage
Not nearly as ready as the ’83 that I tried recently. This one is still quite tight and needed decanting to truly appreciate it – even in a half bottle. It had some nice black pepper and smoky plum flavors. Polished mouthfeel and a thunderously tannic finish. Probably a 95+P wine in time, but only about 91P during our meal.

We finished with a non-descript but pleasant glass of Beaumes-de-Venise.


I didn’t take any detailed notes. The photos do it fair justice. I can say that the duck is perhaps the best I’ve ever had in my life. A huge breast that’s crispy on the outside, mouthwateringly rare and juicy on the inside, with a delicious orange sauce. Mrs. O’s wild boar ravioli was also a highlight.

Wasn’t too fond of the pike perch dumpling. Too rich and in need of some textural juxtaposition.

The dessert was lovely, especially the passion fruit flavors. Decent pairing with the BdV.

Tour d’Argent wouldn’t be the first place I recommend for Paris dining, but it is a very enjoyable experience. One feels a palpable sense of history in such a historic establishment and it makes for great memories.


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Great pictures. I am reading My Life in France by Julia Child, and last night came across a passage where she, her husband, and another couple were celebrating a night on the town (1951) and they went to Tour d'Argent for dinner. She said food was excellent (didn't describe what she had) but expensive, and mostly Americans in the place because of prices.

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