Hi a bit lazy today in looking through past posts but I wanted to ask the TWC for recommendations on a nice hotel in a good location and a nice restaurant to celebrate.

We are planning to go to Toronto for the first time with my wife for two nights on Nov 21 and Nov 22. Will likely rent a car to go to Niagara falls on the day of 22nd and would like a recommendation for dinner celebration (romantic) on Tuesday 22nd of November. We will be celebrating 10 years of marriage.

Thanks in advance.
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This is what iwould be looking for:

Monday night dinner - good food but more casual/relaxed

Tuesday - more romantic/formal

Ok i left my laziness aside, this is what i have kind of picked up from browsing the threads. I welcome your guidance

Monday candidates
Le Select

Tuesday candidates
Buca estate
richmond station
Bestellen meats

I think monday i can decide but appreciate more choices for Tuesday.

Originally posted by mangiare:
Merengue, do you know where you're staying?

Not yet but High probability it will be downtown. I was checking a mediterranean restaurant called Byblos that is in the area where we might stay.
Thompson hotel in King West is a hip place if that's what you're looking for. Air B&B in King West would be a good candidate as well. If you want to be more traditional downtown spot then of all the new "5 Star" hotels built in Toronto my favourite is the Shangri-La.
Shangri-La is a fantastic hotel and I would agree it's my favorite of the top end hotels in the city.

That one is downtown, if you want to move up 2 miles you can go to Yorkville (Like Wisconsin Ave. in Chevy Chase) which has a lot of great restaurants and shopping. The 4 seasons is new(ish) and a great hotel as is the more boutique'y Hazelton Hotel.

For your more romantic dinner I would through out (in order):

Scaramouche, make sure you ask for a window seat, you're on the top of the escarpment looking down on Downtown. Fantastic food done right.

Canoe, top floor of one of the tallest buildings in the city this is top flight food, white linen, amazing views, very romantic.

George, about a mile NE of Shangri-La and a mile South of 4 Seasons. A little off the foodie beaten path it's just a really nice romantic restaurant.

Sassafraz, right in Yorkville so if you're staying there it's an easy walk. Been around forever, a place to see and be seen (though not as much as before). Well done formal food.

All four of those places don't have the best food in town (though they are all good) but they are the very well executed, very good food in a formal, romantic setting.

For Monday, Le Select is great, there are a number of restaurants along Ossington. I would look at Buca on King (Or Bar Buca if in Yorkville), Richmond Station (which I don't find at all romantic but is fantastic non the less).
good recommendations Rob - I would second Scaramouche for a more 'formal' dinner and they allow corkage.

I liked Byblos however it's a more of 'scene' than your average resto and definitely ask to be seated upstairs.
Thanks guys, great advice. Will look into Hazelton, 4 seasons and Shangri La to see if I can get an attractive corporate rate.

Now I am torn for Monday between Byblos, Richmond Station (since it is not as formal) and Buca. My wife loves Mediterranean and Italian.

I liked Canoe's current menu. Will check closer to winter to see how it has changed.

Thanks again.
Do Richmond Station on Monday for sure. I think it's the best restaurant in the city. I second Canoe or Scaramouche for a romantic spot, the latter being quite corkage friendly if you choose to take some some wine along with you (as is Richmond Station for that matter).
Reliable recommendations from a reliable bunch of foodies. Except the tip about the piano. Everything sounds romantic - and no advice is reliable - after 1500 ml of wine.
Originally posted by sunnylea57:
Reliable recommendations from a reliable bunch of foodies. Except the tip about the piano. Everything sounds romantic - and no advice is reliable - after 1500 ml of wine.

But VinT's piano really started to sing after 1500ml of wine.
Scaramouche and Canoe are classic Toronto establishment restaurants and you can't go wrong. Scaramouche is more on the romantic side better suited to your anniversary dinner. If you go, make sure you ask for a table by the window. Their coconut cream pie is a must order for dessert. Canoe also has a good view being on the 54th floor of TD Bank Tower but is more business-like, less romantic than Scaramouche.

Outside of the establishment restaurants, you should consider Alo which is considered by many locals as the best restaurant in Toronto today. As such, reservations are very hard to get, so call early if you want to go. Buca Yorkville at the Four Seasons Hotel is probably 2nd to Alo as the best today. Again, reserve early.

Richmond Station was mentioned and we dined there a couple of months ago with much anticipation. We ordered the Chef's tasting menu and it was meh at best and a couple of dishes were not good. Prices are cheaper than Canoe or Scaramouche but the food is not as good. No plans to return.

If I had to recommend, I'd say Alo for the food or Scaramouche for the ambiance.

Since you'll be in Niagara Falls same day, if you decide to stay in the area, head to Niagara-on-the-lake and go to Treadwell which is considered one of the best in the area. It's not in the same class as Alo or Scaramouche, but is pretty good if you want to stay in the Niagara area.
I've been to Alo once for dinner and once for bar snacks and would have to say you are better served in DC or in many major cities with this type of restaurant.
I'd go back to the bar but no need to return for dinner on my own dime imo.
VinTs piano though
If you're dining in Niagara-on-the-Lake, here's a tip.

One of my favourite restaurants happened to be in NOTL: Stone Road Grille. Very much in the tradition of Richmond Station with a talented young chef preparing an inventive, eclectic and always reliable tasting menu along with an a la carte menu. It was a bit of a well-kept secret, as it was located in a strip plaza, and the sign outside simply said "RESTO".

The couple that ran it left after a few years and the restaurant carried on without them, but it was never the same.

Last year they returned to NOTL and took over the space again, rechristening it as Backhouse.

They now run their own farm to supply the restaurant and they do "Cool Climate Cuisine" and "Integrated Sustainable Cuisine". I have not tried it yet, but if it's in the same league as Stone Road Grille, it's worth a reservation.

Some info about the new(ish) restaurant:

And the restaurant's website:

Sample menu:
Thanks Sunnylea. I think we will come back to Toronto for dinner. Don't want to drive back for an hr or so after a nice dinner and wines.
Originally posted by Merengue:
Now I am torn for Monday between Byblos, Richmond Station (since it is not as formal) and Buca. My wife loves Mediterranean and Italian.

Then go to Buca. The original one on King is still my favorite. Get anything with pig blood in it. Like vinoevelo says, if they did corkage they couldn't keep me away. That said, they do have a great wine list it's just not cheap.

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