Ladies and gents it's been too long, I think we should get together and drink some wine! 

I'm up for any restaurant the group votes on, and as for wine anything goes. Bring anything you'd like to share with the group.

Let's see if we have any takers and go from there.





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Lets settle on the 4th. Maybe Richmond Station? I haven't been in a while, anyone feel free to jump in with suggestions. 


So far we have :

Myself +1




I was also talking to "vinchanted" (hope thats his moniker) and he said he was in also.

We could leave it open for one/two more?


I'd second Richmond Station, haven't been there for a while but always liked their take on food.

It's been a while since I did one of these somewhere that I had to pay corkage, I'm assuming we should be looking at bottles in the $125-200'ish range per person to make it worth it??  Any theme aside from good dry whites/reds/bubbly??


I just called, the restaurant is booked up already for 7 pm on the 4th (8:30 is open but presumably too late), the semi-private room appears to be available and I've had to email them to confirm what the minimum total would be for that room...if others have more knowledge/a contact (I emailed Stephanie) on booking the room maybe chime in?  Once I get an answer back I'll post...

My first thought is 2006 Maison Vincent Girardin Corton-Charlemagne Quintessence; its definitely massive, and I described the one that I had in June as a little flabby, but I find a lot of white burgs that are above the pulighny-montrachet level to be this way; it wasn't oxidized.  Looking for others also but unfortunately my cellar inventory file was overwritten by a prior version so I can't seem to find anything!!!  I have some super old red burgs (1966 and 1967) that are likely dead or might be really interesting but this isn't the time for rolling the dice; most of my other red and white burgs are too young but I'll keep looking.

I could bring bring a 2011 Henri Boillot Corton Charlemagne along for comparison if you want to bring the 06 Girardin - could be interesting.  Am fine with rolling the dice and could bring along a 1966 Confreres des Chevaliers du Tastevin Gevrey Chambertin Petit Chapelle, Bouchard Aine et Fils for a DOA (Dead or Alive?) flight...  Am flexible however and have other options as well.  These are just ideas.

RS semi-private room Would be a minimum of $1,300 before tax and tip...and this is why I either cook kick-ass food here or go to places with no corkage lol...especially now being on a temporarily fixed budget, blowing a wad on ubers and corkage fees doesn't add up for me.

I'd be up for dinner at Dragon Boat in Richmond Hill, food is very good, corkage is $0, and we've never had any of the food clash with the wines that we bring...aside from when a nonbeliever newbie brings a young full-bodied red or a sweet wine, thinking that is what matches 'chinese food' (some of you have seen my prior pics of what we drank at our chinese food dinners...).  Dinner would probably not be more than $45-60 per person including tax tip and $0 corkage from what I recall...Abryce is that in the ballpark?  I'd host at my place but I don't think I have time to throw together a gourmet multi-course meal...

Dessert wine has generally been poor match with cantonese food imo, same with big young fruity reds...I'd personally vote for the CC, though we do need some aged dry reds; I'll double-check my red burg inventory just in case, if we're sticking to the burg theme!

VinC I have a 2005 Bouchard Enfant Jesus but for the life of me I haven't been able to find it...still looking.  I have some 2007 burgs that are yummy and $125'ish I think but probably more classic than they are interesting.  2 CC's would be plenty, they would be a good match with roasted duck, as would red burg also of course!  If A and I both bring a dozen stems we will have 3 each, should suffice...I think we are at 8 humans.

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