I'm in Toronto on business next week and have one night free to myself. I'm staying at the Toronto Downtown Courtyard Marriott and was wondering if any Toronto natives could help me pick a great dining destination within walking distance that one would feel comfortable dining alone, maybe in the bar area. I'd love a contemporary setting with seasonally based food emphasis and maybe a glass of Ontario chard? I did a search on Toronto dining and there wasn't much there. Thanks!
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You are a little off track in your location, but a walk south to Elm Street (half a mile) would yield 2 or 3 nice spots. Barbarians is a steak house that many people like.

Or you could take a 15 minute walk to Yorkville and try Il Posto, or Sassafraz (on Cumberland for celebrity watching).
aav28 - I'm headed back home on Wed. so I'll have to regretfully decline your TWC invite. Maybe another time?

StarV100- I was able to find websites on both Il Posto and Sassafraz and both look great and are likely candidates. Is there one over the other that is better for a woman dining alone?
I couldn't find a good link for Barbarians.

Thanks for all the help and any more rec's are appreciated. Looks like I'll be adding Toronto to my business travel circuit which is great as the few times I've been there I've thoroughly enjoyed the city.
Jamie, I don't know what kind of food you like, but there are 2 restaurants that I'd add to the foregoing list.

Speaking of Elm Street, there's Adega which is Portuguese with quite a nice wine list and it's reasonably priced.

On your way to Yorkville, you would pass Bistro 990 (at 990 Bay Street, opposite the Sutton Place Hotel). Again good menu and wine list, good people watching, and you can eat at the bar.

If you want to be more specific with what type of food you enjoy, we can offer more choices.
I think you should go straight to Jamie Kennedy's wine bar on Church Street. It has arguably the best by the glass selection in the city and as a single diner you will benefit from the way their menu is set up. It's in a cool part of town too: Espanade/Front/Flatiron etc....

Thanks so much to everyone for your suggestions. I looked at as many websites with menus of the suggested places as I could and it's going to be tough to narrow it down to one. I think I'm going to take a business lunch at one of the rec's close to the hotel just to get the chance to try another one. Thanks again!

I have so say oro as well. Domenic and his wife do a beautiful job there.

We used to do a lot of events there before we moved our offices to bloor street.

Other suggestions would be:

Blowfish (King and Bathurst) if you like sushi
Jamie Kennedy's wine bar
Far Niente (King and Bay)
Spoontini (Yorkville) love the breme brulee there

I hope that you enjoy the city.
We stayed at that hotel just three weeks or so ago, and it is great value for money (the rooms at huge for downtown) and the location is great. For breakfast, skip the hotel and walk about 4-5 blocks north on Yonge Street to What a Bagel, a very large bakery/restaurant that will not only feed you well for breakfast, but you can get something fresh to munch on the flight home too. Also excellent value for money.

Carman's Steakhouse is almost beside the hotel, on Alexander Street, down from where I used to live many many years ago. When I lived there, Carman's was arguably the best steakhouse in the city, but I don't know about now, nor about their wines.
I did, my brother-in-law's brother Pete. But he is now on the verge of opening his own place in the business district, a gourmet burger place called Halburger (FYI).

So while Boba is no doubt still wonderful, Pete is no longer there.

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