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Hi Good Peoples,

Thought this may interest you guys and gals.

It all started when I received a strange email asking me if I had any Dom Perignon for sale, for delivery in London. I smelt a rotten scam here, so decided to play along and see what happened, and I am sure glad I did! The trail I was taken on, and wound up taking the scammer on, had more twists and turns than a drive through the Adelaide Hills, and that's saying something. The whole operation is exposed for all to see, but there was one factor I never expected. The hopeless, apathetic attitude of the London/Metropolitan police who are much to busy running the police force to bother with trying to catch criminals engaged in perpetrating fraud. Read all about it here. .
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I was prepared to actually put the credit cards through if it was to help the police. It's fraud and the guy receiving the goods would technically be receiving stolen goods.

They can be arrested for that, not for being Nigerian. Wink

Given that there are 5 card numbers and the only difference is in the last four digits, and they would have been issued to the same person (or two people) at the same time, the issuing company could possibly be called into question. Especially when you consider what I have uncovered is probably the tip of the iceberg.

That type of scam is extremely common. In the USA, at least, the police have no interest in running a sting on the operators. They claim they are pressed to handle the violent criminals.

The credit card companies have little interest either. They just pass the losses on to the merchant who accepts the stolen card numbers.

Most companies have caught on and will not ship to any address that cannot be verified to be the address to where the billing statement is sent.
Going one better, some ask for the phone number associated with the card as well.
Originally posted by Dave Tong BBP:
Ever read the story of the fake powerbook? It's a great laugh.

As to why the police weren't interested, it's my guess that there's insufficient evidence that a crime has actually been committed yet, and thus it would be nigh on impossible to get a conviction.

Being in posession of a Nigerian surname hasn't been a crime since the 1980s.

It is a FACT that Nigerians commit these crimes in disproportionate numbers.

If Nigerians, or anyone else, have a problem with profiling on that basis, they should police their own. Same with Muslims regarding radical Islamic terrorists.
Originally posted by snipes:
I love it, string them along as long as possible. So how does the story end?

It was predictable, I got an email asking why he had still not received the Dom and I emailed him back saying that the card payments had been reversed. He didn't respond, which is not surprising.

As far as the second guy is concerned, when he responded giving reasons why he wanted the charges split and shipped to a third party, I didn't respond further, but I think he knew he had been rumbled.

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