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based on this Vancouver Dining thread and a recommendation from Seaquam during dinner, my sister and i decided to try Tojo's for some fresh sushi/seafood...

wasn't able to book the Omakase at the bar (actually probably would've avoided anyway as my sister is pretty particular about what sushi she likes - not the best way to do Omakase), so we sat at a table.

on the nicer side of casual, about a 10 min taxi ride just south from downtown Vancouver over False Creek, reservations are highly recommended, if not necessary for the bar. the food is excellent. the fish was extremely fresh, and the presentation of the nigiri was very traditional and simplistic with minimal garnishes to showcase the quality and taste of the fish.

ive read online and various articles about Tojo and the food, with some saying that its one of the best sushi restaurants in all of North America which is pretty lofty praise to say the least. i'll save my thoughts on those comments as i didn't have the Omakase, but the food and sushi is excellent, and was well worth the visit. it is extremely expensive, however we did order several market priced items such as the Toro, Uni and Amaebi which inflated the bill, that all told, less alcohol & tip, was about $250 for the sushi alone & appetizers (Tojo's tuna, and Tuna tataki). we did not try any of the cooked items.

id definitely consider going back the next time im in Vancouver again, but would probably want to try the Omakase

Tojo's Omakase
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its worth it if you've never been, but like you said, too steep to be a regular stop... FYI, all the prices listed for the sushi/nigiri is per piece, not 2 pieces! an example, 4 pieces of Toro was $50... definitely on the higher side

the cooked items are supposed to be excellent as well, and looked delicious, but we were in the mood for sushi

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