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Ok, NY ban was lifted a few months ago, and other states saw the light during the year too.

Have you guys gotten resistance still from Wineries or outlets? It is the summer, so I haven't even tried yet, but I have joined some more mailing lists. I was just wondering because a friend of mine (from NY) visited some vineyards in Napa last week and he said some would ship to him and some said no.

Are states still looking for the smoke to clear or just for others to break the ice? Do they have to file new tax forms and other red ink?

NY is most interesting to me of course, but others, who have had their state bans lifted can chime in on what they have found so far.
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CT's change goes into effect on October 1, so we'll see. However, I haven't had problems with a fairly well-known store in Westchester or with the one mailing list (CA) I'm on shipping stuff to me in the last year or two.

I'm splitting a Neal shipment with a friend of mine who directed the order to her mom in Missouri, but Pyang has offered some comfort that Neal is at least trying to figure out the paperwork so she might be able to re-direct the shipment.... I suspect Neal is not alone. From reading our statute revision, looks like a fair amount of paperwork - registration, tax forms, and collection of sales tax.
Ya that's all fine and dandy, but how do "consumers" ship wine to other states without calling it vinegar, or olive oil, or whatever else fits the bill?

Keep calling it Olive Oil I guess. There needs to be some rules against consumer shipping though. We can't all be boot-leggers.

If 5 or 6 of my favorite wineries can ship to me, I'll be happy...for the time being. Big Grin
I'm on a number of mailing lists of CA wineries. Their reaction to the change in the law is mixed.

Some are choosing not to ship to NY this fall. They want to wait to see what the state requirements will be, and then start shipping next Spring.

Some wineries are delaying shipments to NY for a few weeks to be able allow themselves the opportunity to comply with the new laws.
Unfortunately, neither UPS nor FedEx has signed off yet on shipping wine to NY state due to the state's complex set of regulations. Here's a link to the latest from the Wine Institute on that:

We will certainly ship as soon as we are aware of a shipper that allows for direct shipments (and as soon as the weather cools).

Adam Lee
Siduri Wines

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