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Attended this event tonight. R2D2, Scotty Mac, NSexton and a surprise Enoselsa were all there. Here are notes on the red bordeaux tasted tonight:

2000 Croix de Casse (Pomerol) The most powerful of the lot. Really deep, complex but very smooth drinking. Super tannic, will need years to mellow. My WOTN 93-94pts.

2000 Duhart Milon Great nose of cabernet with a mineral edge. Fairly acidic, moderate tannins. Very well done for $31. 90pts

2000 Bahans Haut Brion Licorice nose, deep, not as hard as I expected. Needs time. 90pts.

Ch St Georges (St Georges St Emillion) 2000. Hard hard nose. A little bitter, probably will mellow. The fruit hides underneath. 88pts?

2000 Les Hauts de Pontet 2nd wine of Pontet Canet. Fairly good, maybe more simple than the rest. Might be very good in 5-10 yrs. 88+?

Yes, but I came here for an argument.

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Hate to be the voice of dissention, but I'm not sold on the Croix du Casse.

2000 Bahans Haut Brion, Pessac-Leognan
Very smooth, sweet velvety tannins and rich plum fruit. This can be consumed now ... if you dare. Second time I've had this in 4 months with consistant impressions. 90-91

2000 Ch. Valrose "Cuvee Alienor"
I find this wine rather lackluster with light cranberry fruit and bitter tannins. Others may embrace this wine, but this is the second bottle I have tried that displays a definite uncomfortable bitterness. 84

2000 Duhart Milon, Paulliac
Great nose, but slightly austere finish. Years away from delightfully drinkable. 90

2000 La Croix du Casse, Pomerol
I wasn't nearly as impressed as Grossie was with this wine. While the fruit is pure and there is a sense that this wine will develop good secondary components, I found the intense tannin to be rather flat and don't see this wine every becoming truly balanced. My experiences with Pomerol are limited, but heavily tannic wines from this region are IMO not ideal. Ironically, Parker's note on this wine is similar to mine. He gave it an 88?, I'll give it a 88-90.

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VM- Unfortunately I surrendered my glass before I got to the alienor. I had to drive home and I couldn't be trusted anymore with the glass.

I'm not going to sweat it on the Alienor. If my $11 bottles turn out to be 87pt wines in 10 years it won't upset me too much. Young bordeaux can be bitter out of sheer volume of tannin in there. All that tells me is not to touch it for at least 10 years.

Yes, but I came here for an argument.

Oh! Oh! I'm sorry, this is abuse.
  • 2000 Château St. Georges - France, Bordeaux, Libournais, St. Georges-St. Émilion (1/29/2011)
    I was looking for something with a little flair or charm, maybe a lush right bank wine would do? Not this one. This wine is hurting me- the nose gives some richness, mineral, and a little herbal allure but my palate is hurting from trying to get something out of the tangle that is this wine. It's hard, edgy, mineralic, and any fruit there is is hiding behind a wall of tannin and acidity. Either it's completely asleep and the fruit will eventually emerge or it's just a mess and it will never come around. Maybe it would be a better food wine?? I wouldn't open another for several years, and even then with low hopes. The nose is great and gets this wine over 80 points overall. (83 pts.)

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It sounds like this wine is in dee[ hibernation given how at odds it is with your tasting note of 7 years ago. I think you're being very short-term with your points with this wine and you didn't mention the feel of the wine on the tongue, gums, throat, etc and no mention of finish?

Have I taught you nothing over the years or are you just becoming a GOM?

BirD Smile
Actually, BirdSmarty, I thought my note from 7 years ago was the optimistic version of the recent note, not that much at odds. Both times I thought this was a hard wine. I was expecting a little more from it now, given that many of the lesser 2000s have started to come around (I've tasted through a bunch in the last 18 months). I'm not sure this wine will ever emerge from its slumber, but we'll see.

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