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Yesterday I had the pleasure of entertaining Fox, Joea and Ronnie & Lady Roots at my place in Amsterdam. Fox, it was great meeting you for the first time. KillerB, thanks for starting the tread that initiated this offline, and sorry you couldn’t make it in the end. I cooked us a nice meal (IMHO) to go with some of the wines: salmon on toast, peppersteak with Stilton and walnuts, chocolate mousse (a bit heavy) and home-made ice cream peaches and raisins pouched in PX.

We DID drink some nice wines, thank you for asking! I did not take notes, so this is from memory…

Quinta de Maroccos 2002 Branco (Douro, barrel sample) – I brought this back from our recent trip to Portugal. Unfortunately, corked!

Apostelhoeve 2001 Riesling (Limburg) – Dutch wine? You bet! Typical Riesling nose, petrol and minerals. A bit light bodied, but quite pleasant. For a Dutch wine, this is pretty good stuff.

Veuve Clicqout 1990 La Grande Dame (Champagne) – Yes, now we’re talking! Honey coloured, very yeasty nose. Bone dry. Very delicate bubbles. Long finish. Tasty indeed, and a nice pairing with the salmon and assorted goat milk cheeses.

Shafer 1998 Hillside Select CS (Napa) – When Fox pulled this one from his bag, I thought it was a magnum…a huge bottle for this huge wine. Decanted 2 hours in advance. Very dark purple, with a very powerful nose. Thick and rich, strong but supple tannins, and a great finish. Very approachable for such a young wine. It did need the decanting, though. The last drops were tasted some 4 hours after decanting, and were the smoothest. Great stuff, I’m glad I’ve had the change to taste this famous wine! Oh, and quite nice with the steak as well.

Cadence 2000 Ciel du Cheval (Washington, Walla Walla Valley?) – I never had a Washington wine before, so I’m very grateful to Fox for bringing this along. This wine is a Bordeaux blend of CS, Merlot and Cab Franc. Not decanted, but very approachable straight from the bottle. Very good stuff; even after the Shafer, this wine stood its ground. At appr. $20, this is a great QPR-wine.

Castello Banfi 1999 Summus (Sant’ Antimo) – I seem to recall quite a meaty nose, a rich body and a nice finish. This wine seemed to shut down after some time. Good stuff, however.

Quinta do Ventozelo 1999 Tinto Reserva (Douro) – A bit disjointed straight from the bottle, but some time in the decanter turned this into a good example of a Portuguese red blend. Need more time in the cellar, though.

Justin 2000 Isosceles (Paso Robles) – Great nose of ripe red berries and eucalyptus. Very smooth going down, a great glass of wine.

Vista Alegre 2000 Vintage Port (Douro) – Opened 5 hours in advanc, but not decanted. Huge nose, with a strong grape character. Very smooth, if slightly one-dimensional. A good example of VP for the short term, and very nice with the chocolate “ mousse”.

Inniskillin 2001 Vidal (Niagara) – A gift from bman (thanks again!). Sweet, with peach and honey. Could use some acidity to balance out the sweetness. Paired quite nicely with the PX-peach ice cream.

Toro Albala 2001 Don PX (Montilla – Moriles) – The Vidal was sweet, but it’s a dry white compared to this PX. I’ve already posted notes on this wine a couple of weeks ago.

We ended the evening with some Cuban cigars (Romeo y Juliet No. 2) and some more wine…nice. There are some leftovers, and I’ll post TNs on these wines with a bit more detail over the following days, just as soon as I’ve finished cleaning my glasses…
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Another night of great fun! This time with some very tasty food - thanks again Stevie for inviting us into your home and preparing a great meal!

It was also great to meet Fox for the first time! Thanks for bringing some great wines that I do not have an opportunity to try often (if ever again).

The Shafer HSS lived up to its reputation even for an off vintage - lots of dense fruit and spice.

I was suprised how approachable the Isocoles was for its age. Also, for an off vintage, I thought the wine had decent concentration and nice texture. Ditto for the Summus.

The Portugese red really started to come together just as everyone was leaving. I stayed to finish my glass!

The port and icewine matched nicely with the incredible desserts!

Fox, I hope you are having a great time here in Amsterdam and beyond! Let us know when you back in Amsterdam so we have an excuse to drink more good wine!

Until next time!!!
Cwikey - I was going to bring a bottle of Chateau Giraud 1990 and would have gone down well with cheeses and the sweetie lovers. I'm now really sorry I got posted to the sprouts. That looks a hell of nice list to get involved with. Who brought the Grande Dame? I would guess that Fox brought the Justin.

I did have some fun over there though and introduced my American colleague to the wonders of Leffe Brune and Chimay Bleu as well as Chicken Tikka Masala and Thai Green and Red curries. She did well.

"You mean the death toll from Killer Bee attacks can spread?"
Strawnery!!! I got a call today asking for my body in Amsterdam next week!!

If I am over there it will be for one night only, probably Monday but would love to meet up with anybody in Amsterdam. Errrrmmm... let me rephrase that before the vice squad pick me up on it. Any board member (oh hell). Any person that commits words to these fourums/fora that will be in the region of the capital of the Netherlands at this time I will be very happy to meet.

Again, this could be cancelled/non-existent but thought I'd just check availability. No formal off-line just a glass of wine in a bar.

"You mean the death toll from Killer Bee attacks can spread?"

Definitely hook up with Stevie & Ronnie for an excellent night out in A'dam (from prior experience). You won't be sorry, especially if you bring sone cultie Stilton from your country over they might have to roll out sone obscure but excellent VP to go with it.

They'll even drag you to a bar with zillions of Belgian beers available, just when you think you can't handle another drop.

Stevie & Ronnie,

Enjoy your port notes even more now....

Familiar to Millions...
Hi guys! Smile Glad to see you continuing your tradition of warmly welcoming North Americans when they wander into your Low Country!!

The 2000 Rosemount GSM is being released next Saturday. Thanks to Mrs. Ronnie Roots I'll be trying to grab a threesome of that as well as lots of other good stuff that is suddenly appearing that day.

ONE WEEK! to the September 20 TAA:

1997 Fonseca LBV port.

Have you got yours? Follow this thread....
Great lineup. Glad you enjoyed your first Washington wine and that it survived the trans-Atlantic hurdle. Cadence is among my top three for WA. The Ciel du Cheval is always my favorite and we just tasted the '01 and it surpasses its reputation.

The vineyard is on Red Mountain, not in Walla Walla.

One correction. It retails for around $35, which is still exceptional QPR. It sells out quickly - '00 long gone. At $20, it wouldn't last a New York minute, which is roughly an hour in Washington. Wink

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Having just returned from across the pond I'd like to thank the Dutch crew for an awesome evening full of great wine, food and conversation. I highly recomend the Dutch experience to others who may be headed that direction. Sorry I missed you guys at the Milkweg. It was a good show and I had a fantastic time there.
I look forward to popping some more corks with you again in the future.


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