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I embarked on a lovely trip up to the British Columbia coast for a weekend. As a result, I'm happy to say, I'm engaged! The soon-to-be Mrs. BRR and I enjoyed a few very nice wines. We both agreed that it was an occasion of trying some wines I had picked up (even if some of you forumites think I'm commiting infanticide!). Here are my TNs...

2003 Marquis Philips Cabernet Sauvignon S2
Very dark color - purple with ruby edges. Almost syrah-like on the nose: hints of pepper, creamy dark cherry and mint. Massive in the mouth with an almost chewy texture. Spice box, cassis liquor, pie cherry flavors en masse. Long finish with a touch of heat. Not nearly as floral or pretty as the 2002 version, but more chunky and powerful. Needs time to settle down.
90 Points

1998 Seven Hills Winery Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Walla Walla Valley
From one of my favorite WA Wineries, I had been patiently waiting to pop this one. I'm so glad I did. Beautiful plum color - saturated. Elegant nose with tobacco, earth and smoky plums. Legs streak the sides. A very structured and balanced wine with now soft tannins. Black cherry and tar on the palate with other subtle nuances. Glorious finish slowly trails away like velvet. A WA State Cab beaut' that could rival any WA Cab I've had in quite some time.
93 Points

1999 Pride Cabernet Sauvignon
Decanted 2 hours. Gorgeous blackish ruby - also quite saturated. Quite a different nose, showing earth, graphite and thick black berries and cherries. It's surprisingly subdued, but quite complex nonetheless. Lithe, supple and juicy in the mouth. Very clean, rich dark berries, currants and asian spices cascade over the palate. The finish seems easy, but then sneaks up on you and never really quits. God, I love Pride wines!!!
94 Points

1988 Krug Vintage Brut
Deep golden color. Vibrant, lively small bubbles. Nose shows musky / smoky nuts, sweet cashew and honeysuckle. Very (surprisingly so) ripe and rich. Quite unlike anything I've ever smelled or tasted. Glorious blossoming peach jam on toast, along with ginger. Wow! I need to drink more vintage Champagne. Don't we all?
95+ Points

2001 Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon
This wine was a hit or miss. Against my better judgement, I opened one. Decanted 2 hours (not enough, in hindsight). Very dark nose with blackberry and spice. Quite closed in on both the bouquet and palate. Many, many flavors that all seem to compete for attention. This will surely be glorious with time, but wasn't showing much. I can't wait for this thing up open up soon! Wow, what a wine. Even for me, this was too early to drink. Massive tannins and structure made it somewhat unimpressive for all the hype.
93 Points (at this time...)

All in all, I have an amazing weekend and these wines didn't disappoint. BTW, we also had a bottle of the 2001 Betz Pere de Famille, but failed to open it. Two people can only drink so much wine.... Big Grin

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That's a darn good question, tpb! I'm begging to wonder myself. After all, she did see me load the bottles into the car on our way out of town. We had only had the Seven Hills prior to my proposal. Hmmm......

Thanks for the well-wishes all. I'm sure it will be an interesting ride, especially with regard to how she reacts to my rampant wine addiction. Wink


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