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I had this (along with about 60+ other wines!) at a tasting last week sponsored by Stirling Fine Wines.
In the glass, the color of pale straw. Intense aromas of grapefruit and a touch of new mown grass. Medium bodied with great acids, intense and pleasing tart grapefruit flavors burst in the mouth with a touch of herbs in the background. Flavors linger beautifully on the finish. If you like grapefruit, this is the wine for you. Buy it by the case. 92 points.
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I've loved this wine for a couple of vintages now and I agree, the predominant flavor right out of the bottle is grapefruit and zingy citrus. After a few minutes, herbal and mineral notes make an appearance, and I found this more so with the '02 vintage, whereas previous vintages I thought stayed racy and fruity.

I felt this wine came closest to a Pouilly Fume than any other NZ sauvignons I've tasted (although I'm still having fun trying the dozens that are out there).
We really enjoyed the '01 version of this SB; I've seen the '02 but haven't purchased any because of the changing seasons. I might have to get a couple just on GP.

BTW - if you get the chance to score some of the Jackson Estate Boytritised SB, I'd highly recommend you do so. Honey, silky smooth citrus, and bright acidity - a steal @ $22/375 ml.

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