TNR: 2006 Mollydooker Blue Eyed Boy (Sarah & Sparky Marquis)

  • 2006 Mollydooker Shiraz Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz - Australia, South Australia, Fleurieu, McLaren Vale (6/9/2007)
    Mollydooker Tasting (The Cannery - Newport Beach, CA): Another winner from Mollydooker and a step up from the Boxer. Lovely nose of blueberries, plums, and violets. Rich and decadent on the palate, with blueberry, mocha, vanilla, and expresso flavors; I can imagine these flavors as new concoction from Starbucks. Noticeable heat on the finish, much like the Boxer, but I would have thought it would have been better managed at this price point. If not for the heat, I probably would have rated this wine higher than the Gigglepot. (92 pts.)
I tasted this wine at a retail tasting on Saturday - Price is about what was noted above in the 50-55 range I believe.

While better than the Boxer (which was dreadful) I would have given this wine approximately 85-6 points - I hated the entire line up - with the exception the base level cab - Simple, one note, overly sweet, lacking the offputting herbal character of the Boxer though - I simply tasted a different wine than Phlin did -
Originally posted by Jcocktosten:
While better than the Boxer (which was dreadful).....

I did not jump on the Mollydooker bandwagon last year because the wines were simply not my style. I do enjoy a thick and viscous Oz Shiraz from time-to-time but I will pick something from the Northern Rhone, or more old world in style, every time if given a choice. With that being said, the owner of my regular shop has 2 bottles of the ’06 Boxer held for me at $17 each. I’ve heard more negative reviews on this wine than positive but I am still thinking of picking them up to drink one so that I can see what everyone is talking about. I think I will hold the other bottle until Parker’s scores are bestowed on the Mollydookers because I know that at that time the wine will be much more palatable. Roll Eyes
Alta- I had the 06 Boxer Sunday night. I definitely recommend letting it breathe for 45-1hr as there was quite a bit if heat initially. Subsided after some time in the glass. Pretty straight forward wine- but I found it to be enjoyable at the price point.
Tasted after a "Mollydooker shake" and sitting for approximately 45 minutes. The Blue Eyed Boy was better than I expected in some ways, but somehow not as over-the-top as I was expecting. I know that's hard to believe. The shake, which one of my hosts found perplexing, did help it open up, though I think this wine is better served with a year in the cellar, than a 20 second shake in my hand. Blueberry and coffee, though not as sweet as the Boxer. It was big, highly extracted and high in alcohol. Nonetheless, I didn't find it hot and, frankly, thought it was fairly balanced. A good wine, but I think there are better buys. 91 pts.
Tried a glass of this at Hi Time Cellars yesterday, and it was positively awful. Pruney, medicinal, hot, I could barely complete a second sip of it before pouring it into the dump bucket.

And I assure you, I'm not one of those who grandstands and pontificates about high alcohol wines, modern styles, etc. I like all styles of wine, including a number of big modern wines from Australia and elsewhere. But not this particular one. I'd say 70 points or less for me. Probably the worst wine I tried in all of 2007, including $5 chardonnays at wedding receptions and that sort of thing.
If you've got some of this, I'd STRONGLY suggest giving it a day in the decanter. To me, the alcohol, right out of the bottle, if volatile. Decanting lets some of it blow off, and it'll be so much better, trust me on this. That said, I basically agree with Phlin's notes. I did get some interesting cotton candy notes at the end of the last glass. A bit better than the Boxer, but a big jump to the delicious CoLove. 92pts. Hold. Paid $40 on sale.
Popped and poured, Drank 1 glass over 1hr. I did not like this wine and I enjoy full throttle Aussie Shiraz from Two Hands, Langmeil, etc..., and have enjoyed The Boxer and others in the past (especially with a few years of age). This had plenty of blueberry on the nose with a lingering (and disturbing) grapey cough-syrup aroma. This wine was DOA on the palate: no acidity and so flat on my tongue that it seemed to go numb in my mouth. One word came to mind after each of my first several sips: insipid. Such a shame. It's an awful word to use for wine, but that sums it up. Heat on the finish was not pleasant. Too bad really, I have been holding 2 of these since release and am really disappointed. This one may be my wine let down of the year, in fact. Will put the screw cap back on and try again tomorrow, but I am doubtful of any improvement. We'll see as I will try to remember to report back.
Had a bottle at lunch today and did the Mollydooker shake first, then decanted for two hours. Still a massive fruit forward wine but not so much blueberry syrup this time, more like typical OTT Oz shiraz. Maybe a dryer style of port. Not for everyone, but if you're hankering for a big red to match something like grilled back ribs, or just to sip without food, give it a try.

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