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Vertical tasting of Château Poujeaux - Moulis en Médoc - 5 vintages. I prefered the '99, which was a real charmer that evening.
  • 2003
    Purple youthful color. Warm currant and blackberry together with coffee, chocolate and vanila - although not exactly oaked in the style. The taste has some powerful and ripe fruit, and some tannins. But it seems dusty and dry. (88 pts.)
  • 2002
    Purple to dark red color. The nose is very nice with tobaco, some dark berries and coffee. Mostly fruity sweetness at first; black currant and herbs. But it is light weight and bitterness and tannins become too much on the aftertaste. (85 pts.)
  • 1999
    The color is just starting to show the first signs of age, with hints of brown color. The nose is very delicious with coffee and vanila, warm in the style. Very charming and easy to drink! Some tobaco, brown sugar and ripe fruit; black currant and dark berries. The aftertaste is quite good as well, medium long, and some well-integrated, pleasant tannins. Drink very well now. (90 pts.)
  • 1983
    Coca-Cola edge but still good deep color towards the center. Nose with notes of tobaco, prunes and some gasoline?. The taste is elegant, with very light berry tones, tobaco, licorise and chocolate. The tannins are dry, but otherwise the aftertaste is pretty good. Closed down rapidly in the glass. This is properly past it optimal drinking window. (84 pts.)
  • 1982
    Light Coca-Cola color on the edge, but still a fairly good deep red color towards the center. Very nice for this age. Some blackcurrant, cherry and herbs on the nose. At first very light on the palate, but the aftertaste really bring in some good stuff. Still some fruit and herbs, but also well aged tastes such as tobaco and leather. Good balance and harmoni. This is probably as good as it gets, while still having some years left. (88 pts.)
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