TN: Two '09 Chimney Rock cabs

2009 Chimney Rock Stag's Leap District Cabernet

Nose of fresh-picked raspberries. Fairly monolithic palate defined by cassis. Soft, velvety tannins.
Enjoyable but not very interesting. 88 points.

2009 Chimney Rock Tomahawk Cabernet

Barely discernable nose. Soft violets and blueberry yogurt. Very short palate. 86 points.

Chimney Rock seems to be going in a Bordeaux style of winemaking. I preferred their previous traditional California style which really showcased their property.
Ardeis in Seminole
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09 Chimney Rock SL Cabernet revisited

Nose and palate are loamy. This is an unusual term, generally invoking clay-like qualities. Somewhere between rocky and spongy. The wine is full-on with black raspberries and cocoa. A distinct loamy, mushroom finish with silky tannins, one you will either love or hate. Long, long palate. A very interesting cabernet that falls to the fringes on the cab Bell curve. Drink now or with short-term cellaring.

94 points.

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