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I had a chance to visit Karma Vista Vineyard in the Southwest Michigan AVA a couple months ago. This was not the first time I've visited this family run estate. The vineyards are situated on some of the highest sites in Southwest Michigan. They recently released their 2017 reds which I wanted to try. 2017 was an excellent growing year in the region and their 2017 lineup did not disappoint.

NV Karma Vista Vineyards Pinot Noir Peace, Love & Bubbles
I"ve had this sparkling wine several times. $24 at the winery. 100% estate Pinot Noir from 16 year old estate vines. The grapes were picked at 20 brix about 2-3 weeks earlier than the rest of the Pinot. 1% residual sugar (approx. 7.5g/l dosage). The color had a hint of pink. Active bead. Notes of watermelon, powdered sugar, strawberries and grapefruit. 89-90 points.

2016 Karma Vista Vineyards Pinot Noir Surrealistic
Tasted at the winery. This was a lighter style which reflects the vintage. Cherry and cranberry notes. 87 points

2017 Karma Vista Vineyards Pinot Noir Noirvana
Tasted at the winery. Harvested at 25 Brix. 15% alcohol. 10% Verona. Blackish red color. Rich and luscious. Dark fruit notes with ripe currant and spice notes. Very good but not very Pinotlike. 92 points.

2017 Karma Vista Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
Tasted at the winery. The grapes were sourced from the Thienemann Vineyard which is a steep site. Deep purple color. Full bodied with cassis, leather and berry notes. Round finish with solid tannins. 91 points.

2017 Karma Vista Vineyards Syrah Reserve
Tasted at the winery. Ruby red color. Medium bodied with berry. Oak and garrigue. Chewy Annie's. 90 points.

2017 Karma Vista Vineyards Malbec
Tasted at the winery. Crimson color. This was the creamiest of the reds that we tried. Notes of carmel, currants and cedar. 88 points.


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