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K Vintners is one of my new favorite WA wineries. They are producing fabulous Rhone style wines. Here are my notes from my personal side-by-side taste test of two of them:

- '02 K "The Boy" - dark purple/black in the glass - aromas of blueberries and smoke - very rich and intense flavors, but a little closed at first - took a while to open up next to "The Beautiful" - this wine is a blend of Grenache, Syrah and Tempranillo

- '02 K "The Beautiful" - dark, purple/black in the glass - I could tell I was going to like this as soon as I brought the glass close to my nose - I could smell the fruit (blackberries, etc.) and spices immediately - it is a huge Syrah, classic flavors and wonderful intensity

On the first night they were both wonderful wines, but I preferred "The Beautiful". When I finished them the next night however, "The Boy" beat it out handily. "The Beautiful" was still great, but "The Boy" just opened up and tasted so rich and lush I couldn't resist it. I wil definitely buy more of both for different reasons. My bet is that "The Boy" will age better and I intend to test my theory. Note: they both come with very distincitve black&white labels with a big "K" on them. "The Boy's" front label is almost blank (the K is on the back of this it).

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ks, here I thought your name meant you were just a really big K Vintners fan. Big Grin

K produces really great stuff. They are pretty available here in the Pacific NW, but I'm not sure about Michigan. I never saw it when I lived there , but that was a few years ago. You can buy direct from the winery: (but that won't help you much in Michigan - sorry Frown ) You could always ask your local wine shop to bring it in for you.

If I could find a way to get it to you, I could bring a couple bottles for you as I am coming into the Detroit area (Farm.Hills) this week.

Let me know.

I couldn't agree with you more about K vinters and especially The Boy. Charles Smith came to town for a wine dinner and introduced me to The Boy. It is absolutely fabulous. Like all of Charles' wines, it is complex and subtle rather that bold and aggressive. I visited the Winery in June and if you think the boy is great wait until you try El Jefe.

the boy was made with the leftover tempranillo after the EL Hefe was finished according to Charles. I bought the Fall Field blends at the winery in Magnum and am chafing at the bit to try them. Ovide, Roma, and El Hefe should take K vintners to the next level. With Christophe Baron's Vineyards suppling the fruit, This Field blends ought to be phenominal!

The Beautiful, - as Charles says, Floral Floral Floral. I just say great great great!

The Wells, sitting nicely in the cellar untasted

Morrison Lane : Floral but less so than the Beautiful, classic syrah flavors

End of the Road - Priced right at $25 this wine is a complex blend of old vs new world. Beautiful fruit of the new world mixed with a earthy sophisticated palate and finsh surprises me every time.

Don't forget Charles' other project, the magnificant wine comp. The merlot is great! I know, really is merlot ever great? Well it is if 20% of it is syrah!!!! Also don't miss the pinot which is sourced from Archery Summit Estate Fruit. A great bargin at $20.


What kind of name is Poon anyway?
Sorry about the delay, I've been traveling to Europe. As Far as drinking the pinot, Charles thinks it will continue to improve for a few years but i think their is NO reason to wait. It is great now and at the current release price just buy more. I drink pinot more than any other varietal and think that charles has offered a wine priced for nearly every day consumption with exceptionaly quality. I view this wine to be bought yearly and consumed. that said, clearly this wine has the stuffing to age. The real question is will it improve with age. Let me know in a couple of years because none of mine will be left. Big Grin

What kind of name is Poon anyway?

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