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Very well organized event. At 11am until 2:30pm. Plenty of space. Excellent temperature. Many wineries had 2 or 3 wines. RP was at the entrance to receive everyone. Good food table, good chesses.


01 Gemstone: Very good length, fruity, needs about 5 years.

01 Shafer 25th Anniversary Sunspot vineyard Magnum: Very big wine in need of many years, slightly bitter/close. Not close to the flavor profile from the Hillside.

01 7 Vineyard Red: Close nose, a lot of tannins but low in fruit

01 8 Vineyard Chardonnay: good fruit, burgundy style, very good

01 ZD CS: too acidic

01 Rudd Estate:Full body with plenty of fruit

02 Rudd Chardonnay Bacigalupi: soft in style

01 Cloud View: 57%merlot, 43%CS Excellent nose, tasty, good body and complex

01 Clark Claudon: 100%CS Very strong tannins

00 Clark Claudon: more approachable, less fruit than the 01

01 Montelena CS: typical Napa Cab, well balance

03 Leeuwin Riesling: too light and dry

01 Leeuwin Chardonnay Art Series: light but very good

03 D'Arenberg Laughing Magpie: 94% shiraz, 6% viogner. Light but good taste

00 E&E Black Pepper shiraz: close nose, full body, not very peppery

02 Reynalla Basket Press Shiraz: med body

01 O'Shaughnessy: 94%CS. 6% merlot. Estate. Good body and balance $55

01 Marston CS: 100%CS full body, good flavors

01 Hendry Block S CS: high tannins

01 Hendry Red: 38%malbec, 42% merlot, 8-10% CS, 8-10% CF, 4% petit verdot. Good wine, complex

01 Parry CS: 100% CS estate. 190 cases. Goof fruit. Located about 1.5 N of Deer Park Road on Silverado

01 Sbragia CS Rancho del Oso: very good

02 Sbragia Chardonnay Gamble? Ranch: 100%new oak. Tastes with much oak

02 Beringer Chardonnay Private Reserve: smokey nose, good flavor.

00 Beringer Bancroft CS: from Howell Mt, close nose, good tannins, some fruit

00 Beringer Chabot CS: much more fruit than Bancroft

01 Merryvale Beckstoffer 10 Oakville: good fruit

01 Merryvale Clone 6 Rutherford: tight

01 Merryvale Profile: 65%CS, 25% merlot, 10% CF and PV. More tannins, with less fruit

02 Downing Family Zinfandel: very good fruit and flavors

01 Downing Family CS: 97% CS, 3% petit syrah

02 Downing Family CS barrel sample: good flavor and good potential.

01 Hartwell merlot: good fruit, good taste

01 Hartwell CS: Full body with high tannins, need about 4-5 years.

01 Corison: good

01 Jocelyn Lonen CS: 75%CS, 25% merlot

02 Jocelyn Lonen CS: 100% CS closed nose, good flavors

02 Jocelyn Chardonnay: $25

02 Jocelyn Lonnen Chardonnay: better, more buttery $45

01 Ch St. Jean Cinq Cepages

01 Ch St. Jean Chardonnay, Robert Young: non malolactic

01 Landmark Dameris Chardonnay: too light

01 Numanthia: 70-100 years old vines. Light in body if compared to Termanthia

01 Termanthia: very ful body and complex

01 Allende: typical tempranillo

01 Calvario: Very good

01 Halo (Allende): good

01 Finca Sandoval: very good

02 Finca Sandoval: bitter, less fruit than 01

00 Diamond Terrace CS: good but light

01 Diamond Terrace CS: very good

02 Diamond Terrace CS: very good, 400 cases. All are 100%CS

Overall, an excellent tasting and for a good cause.

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Originally posted by bez780:
thanks for the notes.
on the gemstone any thing else you can say would be helpfull Smile

Well, the good news is that is is a very good wine, but at $95 plus tax and shipping, then you think more if to buy it. I was offered the pre-release letter and passed on it. Now, during the tasting, my wife loved it.
The bad news, it is completely sold out as pre-release. So they will send letters offering something like futures for the 02, to those that did not bought the pre release but were in the mailing list.
If you are OK with $100 wines, buy it.

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