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Well, my last three days were a lot of fun, with a lot of good wines and excellent friends.

Drab and Mrs Drab invited us and Mr and Mrs Grape Ape for an after work dinner. We took our dogs to their house, and we thank them for this.

We arrived and while Drab was cooking and Mrs Drab and my wife went for some chocolates, we enjoyed a 96 Pol Roger which is very well balanced. Went well with the cheese. The Palmer was decanted, and the Grape Ape arrives.

The chicken in the BBQ grill smelled terrific. We went to the cellar for a quick view. Drab opened a 99 Mouton to match the Palmer. Food was grilled sliced potatoes, grilled brussel sprouts, and BBQ chicken.

99 Palmer: drinking very good, new style bordeaux, I think it will have the bordeaux taste with some years. Very good match for the chicken (the best one in my entire life)

99 Mouton: classical leather nose, full body, earth, lead. This still is a classical style bordeaux.

The comparison was tough due to the old vs new world style. I would give 92 to both.

We had some Sees and Godiva chocolates and finished with:

01 Latour Blanche: medium body, good yellow color, sweet, balanced and complex. Can be enjoyed now but will improve with age.

Thanks for your hospitality.

Orlando and Belinda
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