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Last night we had another couple over and enjoyed a few wines: 1987 BV Private Reserve, 1996 Sherwin Family Vineyards, 1999 Spottswoode and a magnum of 1996 Joseph Phelps Regular Cab.

Started with 1987 BV and 96 Sherwin:

I have enjoyed the 87 BV for many years and its is beginning to show its age, slight browning on the edges and a little more earthy than I last remember with the fruit beginning to fade. Drink up. 87 pts.

96 Sherwin, big bold mountain fruit that needs a lot more time. The tannin is huge, but the wine seems to have the characteristics to come together in a few more years. 90-92 pts.

1999 Spottswoode, the wine of the night, wow, best 99 I have had, wonderful nose of black cherry and blueberries. The fruit is perfectly balanced with the tannin and the winery's tasting notes of pie crust and cookie dough. The wine seems to last on your tongue forever... This wine is great right now and its going to be hard keep my hands off of these to see how the wine evolves over the next 5-10 years. WS gave this a 94, in this tasting I would say 96-97.

1996 Joseph Phelps Regular Cab from Magnum - I only had one glass, was a little bombed, hence, no notes.

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As stated previously, a very good bottle of wine and in my opinion underated....Looking forward to the Magnums in the future!

As i was at Peter Michael with you, I could not agree more, but you have to admit that the '01 Spottswoode S.B. is an excellent wine. See you Saturday and don't hold back on bringing the good juice Wink


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