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Another wonderful night of wine tasting....

'66 Cheval Blanc

Decanted for 15-20 mins prior to our first sip. This was not the most amazing wine, but at nearly 40 years of age it was drinking very well and had some very nice secondary components to it. On the nose were elements of violet, tobacco, and red rose petal. On the palate....fully integrated with notes of sweet cherry, plum, baking spice, cigar spice, clove, leather, and sweet earth. Lovely bottle sweetness to it. Medium bodied, ruby red with some ambering at the edges. Moderate finish. This held together well over the course of the hour and a half it was decanted and consumed. 89 pts. solid.

'66 Ch. Margaux

GONE. Probably not a great wine to begin with. Clearly this bottle was over the hill. Notes of soy sauce, wet leather, and balsamic vinegar dominated the nose. I took a small sip and dumped it. No thanks. This must be what the '01 Montelena tastes like! Big Grin 69 pts. for me. Wink
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Many times, DoktaP. I've had from magnum three times, and once from a double magnum, in addition to about 8 or 9 750s. Parker declared it the wine of the vintage shortly after release, so I stocked up. The wine has never lived up to its early hype. I brought a magnum to a dinner in Seattle in July, 2003, so a number of people here have had it.

On March 1st of this year, I attended an industry tasting at the Pierre Hotel in NYC and had the opportunity to spend considerable time with the winemaker at Chataeu Margaux, in addition to numerous other winemakers. The current winemaker at Chateau Margaux is a gentleman I would guess to be in his early fifties, so he was the winemaker of the 1979 Margaux. We spoke at length about the 1978 and 1979 Margaux, two wines which I felt were greatly over-rated. To my surprise, he completely agreed with me.

If the wine has been stored well, it will certainly be drinkable. I'd carefully decant it to remove it from the sediment, but it will require no time in the decanter before drinking. To wait too long is to invite disappointment. Good luck with it and I hope you have a wonderful 25th anniversary.

I had my last bottle of Margaux 1979 last February. It was great But I only had six of them. Very nice and good balanced wine. It had a promising nose and still a lot of fruit and lots of nicely emerged tannins and acidity. Long aftertaste. I had it with a main course of “magret de canard” roasted wild ducks breast. It was a perfect companion.

I do agree with the previous advice not to decant it long before serving. But 30 minutes is OK and the wine will need that to come out of its shell.
Based on my repeated experience with this wine, I would definitely give it 30 minutes. This wine is not worth the 93 points Parker gave it upon rel;ease. That's not just my opinion. It's the opinion of the people with whom I've shared the wine, and it is also the opinion of the winemaker at Chateau Margaux. Why do you think the auction price for this wine is so low?

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