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I think these past two weeks have been an endless adventure of going to and having people over for dinner. I'm about to hit the wall, but it's been FUN!

'01 Cahill

Still one of the best CA Chards. I've ever had. Laser sharp focus, very clean, volumtuous, and well balanced. I've liked this more than the Alyce the past 4-5 times I've had it. Wonderful honeysuckle, butter brickle ice cream, jasmine, key lime pie, and citrus oil. Thick palate and long finish. 96 pts. for me.

'99 Harlan

I think this is one of the most well balanced Harlan's I've ever had. Wonderful elegance, complexity and power. Mocha, blueberry pie, light anise, vanillin, sandalwood, baking spices, and sweet black plum. Perfect palate presence finishing with sweet sanding tannins. Lovely....97 pts.

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20 bottles!?!?!?!? Eek Wink

I've had the Alyce twice and the Cahill 5 times. I also noticed a bit of bottle variation, but the biggest differences to me were the differences between a freshly opened Cahill and one that had been open for 6 hours or decanted. The Alyce is sometimes terrific right out of the bottle; the first bottle I had was clearly the best CA Chard I've had (tasted, to me, like a 10 year old Grand Cru Burgundy) whereas the second bottle was more along the lines of the Cahill and steadily improved with air.


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