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This was thrown together at the last minute and ended up being quite a memorable wine night. Mr. and Mrs. Enjoyingwine came over as well as fellow wine commonsieur "K.B."...

'01 Araujo Cab.

I've never had an Araujo that really "wow'ed" me. I've had the '93, a corked '95 (thanks R4L!! Big Grin), the '97, and the '99. None of them blew me away by any means. Finally...the '01 lived up to some of this vineyards hype. Deep dark ruby bordering on opaque. The nose was closed in at first, but with some decanting this came around quite a bit. On the nose, mocha, melted tar, anise, and smoky blackberry pie. The palate entry was VERY subtle, fat, round and velvety. Then it crescendo's into a mouthful of intense flavors....blackberry jam, anise, tobacco, cedar, mint, and mocha. Right now the only complaint I had was the touch of heat on the nose and in the finish. I'd go 95+ for now with Parker's 97 being right on the mark if the alcohol integrates a bit more. Very solid performance!

'01 Insignia

I found this to be a very typical Insignia. I've never been much of a fan, but the one thing I'll give them is they make a very consistent wine year in and year out. I just find it to be very "CA cookie cutter" and locked in at somewhere around 92-94 pts. give or take (which isn't bad...don't get me wrong!). Flavors and aromas of sweet black plum, milk chocolate, cinnamon, toasty oak and gingerbread. Great palate feel with well integrated tannin and low acid. Nice moderate/long finish. 93+ pts. for me.

'01 Ridge Home Ranch Cab/Merlot

Supposedly this is the first vintage of this wine. Dark ruby red in color. Very aromatic with notes of violet, dark dried cranberry, and baking spices. Nice flavors of black cherry, dried cranberry, white flowers, and a touch of milk chocolate. 91 pts. solid.

'88 Ch. d'Yquem

Lovely wine, but VERY YOUNG. I wouldn't touch this stuff for at least another 10 years. I thought this was locked up tight as a drum. The wine's vibrant acidity, some botrytis, honeysuckle, pineapple, lemon merangue pie, and coconut were showing nicely behind the acidity. Lighter in color than the Suduiraut...moderately golden. Moderate finish, and lighter/more elegant in style than I thought it would be. 95+ for me. I'll be curious to see where this goes?

'89 Suduiraut Creme de Tete (Cuvee Madame)

Holy smokes! This really gave the d'Yquem a run for it's money! This stuff is a nearly perfect example of what I want from a dessert wine. If it had a touch more intensity I'd give it a perfect score. Moderate dark golden amber in color. On the nose, apricot, pineapple, honeysuckle, and a touch of toasty espresso. Perfect palate presence...thick and light on it's feet all at the same time. Round and opulent with flavors of coconut shavings, apricot, mango, and golden honey on a long toasted finish of espresso and walnut. Perfect sweetness. This is a very well rounded Sauternes! 98 pts. for me.

What a night!



So much little time!!!

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