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After the road trip home from Atlanta Mrs. K and I shared a bottle of '99 Sbragia Rsv. Chard prior to heading to Wellinghursts for great eats and drinks. We had the '00 Ata Rangi PN w/dinner. My notes:

Not decanted. Deep, clear cherry coloration, loads of clear, slow legs. Initial aromas of orange peel, briar, and cinnamon or clove spice. After 1 hr. the aromas morphed into classic PN notes of cherry, dusty sage/spice, and a touch of cola. Deep cherry/strawberry flavors, spicy, rich depth and balance, w/a long, balanced finish.

Beautifully done PN from NZ, albeit a bit young. Another year to two will allow this wine to come into its own. 91 pts., $59 at the restaurant. I'll get a few for the cellar (if I can find them?)

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Kybo, you'll be very happy to hear that here in NZ Ata Rangi Pinot sells in restaurants for about $110 to $130 NZD. (thats Between $55 to $65 USD) So all in all a good bargain. 2000 is a pretty good vintage for Martinborough region, but if you can get your hands on some 1998 or 1997 buy it. Not only is it superb but it is drinking impressively well now. However don't go over the $70 USD price irrelevant of restaurant. Thats just silly money and they would be ripping you off big-time. At retail (as you said if you can find it)expect to pay around the $40 USD prices. But the 1998 (one of the greatest NZ vintages , not that we really have bad ones.) is worth every cent. The 1997 is great but not quite up to the standard of the 1998. Sort of like the differance between 1995 and 1990 Bordeax's, sure 1995 was brilliant, but the greats of 1990 out shone anything that 1995 produced. Well the same goes for 1998 vs 1997 Martinborough.
Kybo, I will be in the US in Novemeber 2003, my step-father has family in Kentucky, so I will be heading that way at some point. I'll bring some decent NZ pinot as well as some other wines with me, definately open one or two with you. ( I've got about a 50 cases going over, to share amongst a horde of people, but one or three bottles could quite happily reside in your cellar or on your table, or in your stomach.)

Martinborough is one of NZ's top regions, although very small. NO other area in NZ produces as many awards for so few producers. Keep an eye out for it, nearly every wine from Martinborough is of high standard.

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