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I've tasted both the 2005 and 2006 Luca Malbecs at retail store tastings. The stemware was decent, so I think I got a reasonable impression, except for adequate breathing time.

They are substantial wines, with considerably more complexity than the usual supermarket Malbecs, not just a glass of boysenberry jam.
The wine has enough structure to warrant a few years in the cellar to round it out.

$26 sounds like a great price. I remember it as being more like $35.
It was in the $31.00 range when i bought it - then I saw it at Costco in Milford CT and it was 26.50
Anyway, after it sat for three months I tried it and thought it was very good and worth the hype. I won't open another bottle this year - It should settle down and be a bit smoother next year and for a couple years after at which point my 8 bottles will be a very fond memory - I highly recommend it. I think they only made a few thousand cases - I wonder how much longer it will be around
Had some friends bring over NY strips tonight for the grill, so I decided to open this.


Opened it and poured a small amount before the others came over, the poured the rest into a decanter. What I tried from the glass was typical of what I would have expected from a good Malbec - big dark fruit like plum and blackberry up front, violet on the nose, then the rush of tannins shutting it down quickly. It sat in the decanter for a little over an hour while we had an appetizer and while the steaks were on the grill. The big dark fruit flavors were still there, but accentuated by cedar, green olive, ash, cocoa powder, etc. Just a massive flavor of everything I like about Argentine Malbec. Gotta get some more of this stuff. I can see how it has the structure to cellar a few years, but it was so good right now I'm not sure I would be patient. For me, 94-95 points.
Opened and poured tonight for a business meeting. A colleague specifically requested an Argentinian Malbec and this was the only one I had.

Deep, opaque purple colour. Lots of sediment and some tartrate crystals.

The nose has lots of dark fruit but it's veiled behind smoke, cocoa, cedar, and a slight gaminess.

On the palate the wine is silky smooth with super fine tannins and loads of mouthwatering acidity. The fruit is subdued but might come forward with a bit of cheese. Oh look, I've got some 5 year old cheddar. The fruit does express more with this, but it's still not a jam bomb.

This is nice. It's elegant yet powerful. Good food wine.

92 points

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