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Anyone found an available cab that beats the '99 Columbia Crest Grand Estates for price/value? We're buying a new house, so getting under $10 is a requirement for an "everday" wine. I do have lots of '99 Ch. Ste Michelle Cab at about 12.99/bottle.

p.s. Found enough $ left over for a scratch and dent Eurocave 260! Life is good.
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Here, here for Joel Gott...

Very nice wines for the price. Gott my Cab for $13.99, and the Zin for $15.99 about 6 months ago. I also don't mind the '99 Benziger Merlot for $12.99. I thought the '97 was better, but the '99 is still great for the price.

Lastly....the best QPR in my opinion can be found at Rite Aid....$8.99...'99 Gallo Sonoma Cab. For the money, you can't go wrong! I don't think you will find many $8.99 bottles of wine that are still aged in oak these days! Mondavi Woodbridge, and BV Coastal are great examples of bad wood chip flavored wine for a few bucks more.

Happy tasting...


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