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That is a great price. I bought a magnum of the 1996 Allegrini Amarone at Sams warehouse sale in Feb for $80. WS90. WA95. It was also a Tre Bicchieri winner in 2001. Obviously I haven't opened the mag yet. Amarone's are big thick chewy wines with elevated alcohol levels because of the drying of the grapes. Full bodied with a pleasantly bitter quality to them. Parker indicates that these qualities are present in this bottle and that it will last through 2015. Try this wine with Osso Buco. Buy it.


[ 08-29-2002, 04:06 PM: Message edited by: Vino Me ]
Thanks. A real red meat kind of wine, huh?

BTW, not much to add to the advice of others. Do spend some time in Charlottesville--college town and more--just in season. Should be fun and decent late summer weather.

I e mailed you about the game and dinner; by Monday the definite schedule is out so I can firm up our plans. I'll bring a surprise or two

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