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I used to collect Dominus. I stopped with the 1997 vintage because I refused to pay $110 for a wine that was selling for $40/$50 in 1994! They doubled the production AND the price during the next five years! I believe I paid $91 for the 1996. Is the 1997 worth $99? Not to me; I just bought the 1997 Ferrari Carano Tresor for $45

(1997 Dominus, summary of a review by RM Parker.)
94 points, "showing fabulously well" 14.1% alcohol, silky, fleshy, opulent, gorgeous nose of roasted herbs, asian spices, coffee, jammy plum and black cherry. medium to full body, drink now or it can age for another 10 to 15 years.

The $99 for the 1997 Dominus is a 10% discount over what it was selling for 2 years ago, but 100% more than Dominus sold for in 1994. The 1997 Tresor is probably almost as rich (I haven't tasted either one yet), but you can get two bottles of Tresor for what you pay for one of the Dominus, and Tresor even has a much better looking bottle! Good luck with your decision. [Smile]
Dave MCI,

I do not have any 1996 left! I only bought two bottles and they were supposed to be approachable when young, according to rmp, so I approached! They were very good but I should have held off. Otherwise, I have 85,86,87,88,89,90,94,&95. The 91 & 92 are missing in action, and Dominus did not release a 93! The stock is going down and I won't replace it! [Frown]

have you tried the 95 tresor. i'm generally a fan of F-C, but haven't tried tresor. other than merlot, this is my only other F-C.

I have never had a weak Tresor. All of the Tresor's vintages have been excellent wines, with the 1992, outstanding. However, I don't remember the 1995 and I haven't found any notes. I looked in my cellar for what I thought was a case of 1995 Tresor, but it was the 1994 vintage in a 6 bottle wooden case. My least favorite Tresor is the 1996. My favorites are the 1992 and 1994. Sorry, I draw a blank on the 1995!

The 1997 Tresor will not be packaged in a 6 pack wooden case, but a regular 12 pack cardboard case.
Latour, the 91 and 92 are in a cool room in one of the stores in my area. I saw it about a month ago and if I remember correctly they were both $99. He also had the 93,94,96,97,98 all are also $99 except the 94 & 97 which is $149.

I called the store that I saw them in and he does have both the 1991 and the 1992 Dominus. The 1991 is (sorry) $159 and the 1992 is $99.
Seek1, I'm not sure if you're talking about Ferrari Carano Tresor, as they are just now releasing the 1997. And, if you're talking about Dominus, they did not release a 1993 vintage. Furthermore, if he has the 1991 Dominus at $99, buy it! Otherwise, info on Ferrari Carano Tresor:

The 1992 Tresor is much better than the 1991! It's rated 94 points by rmp, but I think it should be rated even higher (IMHO). The 1991 (91 pts) is not as rich and concentrated. I saw it in a local wine store recently for $62. Consider buying two 1992's for the $99, and take a pass on the 1991 Tresor! Also, it sounds as if your wine store is pricing the vintage and not the wine quality--1994 & 1997 is $149! The 1994 Dominus is a good buy at $149, but again, I would buy the 1992 F/C Tresor @ $99 before purchasing the 1994 F/C Tresor at $149!--------Sorry, I think I've made this thread, "as clear as mud"!

Let me know if you have any other questions, and I'll try to confuse you further! [Smile]



I think this is your most reasonable bet for getting these two bottles.
STW, I'm sure you just saw, Stirling Fine Wine has the 96 Dominus (rated RP 95) for $89. I couldn't help it, I just picked up three. Darn it!

By the way.. I like that place.. good selection of BEER too! (did I say that out loud?)
Revlis -

Thanks for looking out for me.

I actually heard about this from my contact at Stirling before they even got it in. I picked up 2 '95 and 2 '96 for $83 per a few months ago.

Great prices compared to other retailers / auctions.

You're right --- the beer selection is fantastic as well. Plus, the wine guys and owner are all very cool dudes. I'm a big time fan of Stirling.
(They've made an about face in the past year with their wine department too)
Hey Latour,


It's in Northern Jersey and supposedly take orders online.

When I was trying to find it, I drove by twice because the sign you see says "World of Liquor" and only a smaller less visible sign says it's Stirling Fine Wines. Really big place.
I can honestly say the 1996 Dominus was one of the best red wines I have ever had. It was a huge wine that will be amazing in 5 or 10 years. My Dominus vertical stopped at 1997 as $100US for 1998 was ridiculous for the vintage and quality of the wine. It seems that Aussie Shiraz in Toronto is the best value. I just bought a case of Dutschke Willow Bend (WS93 last issue) for approx $18 US a bottle. It is getting harder and harder to pay $100 for US Cab (see the 2000 future prices for Mondavi Reserve, Diamond Creek, etc? $150-200+!!!) when I can buy Shiraz and Rhone reds for $20-50.

Nice site. I see Stirling has the 1999 Peby Faugeres on sale for $49.99., rated 94 pts. That is the 2nd lowest price I've seen it since Jan.
lcc -

I believe so (but can't verify). E-mail Mick and tell him you know me.


He'll let you know about the availability!
Cripes! I bought 3 bottles for $89/each.

Latour, the credit goes to STW for this place. I went here (and joined the mailing list) based on his recommendation. I'm glad he was willing to share his pot of gold.

I just found earlier today more Dutschke Willow Bend too (not at SFW).... *drool* I thought that stuff was great.... but it's $24 for me... not $18.

WS only rated the '96 Dominus a 92. RP liked it better at 95 I think.

WS rated the Willow Bend an 88, but I could swear I saw someone else rate it 93. I agree it's a 90+ point wine.

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I've not had the 97 Dominus yet, but it can be had here in NH state stores for $70, which seems more realistic. I have a few bottles stashed away. Last I knew the 96 and 95 where also available here at the same price and the 94 was available in one non-state store for about $125.


The 97' is still available in NH state stores for $70/bottle and until recently I saw a few 96's for $66/bottle. Back in January I picked up a Magnum of 96' for $129.

Several months ago I actually bought a couple bottles of the 97 for $63. They did not have them marked as a restricted item so I made them honor the case+ pricing. As we discussed a couple months ago, I have an ongoing war with the NHSLC over these restricted items and their failure to always identify them. It really annoys me that they don't mark them as restrited when they are so indicted in the system and they ring up w/o the discount. So many people are being cheated but they have no idea.

The store where I got the 97 a few months ago had 96 and 95 at that time as well, both for less money as you point out. And this week I saw the 97 in the Northbound Hooksett "Drink and Drive" store. They also had a bunch of the 98 Insignia at $72 which I had not seen for a few months in NH. I think the wineries/distributers are dumping some of the stuff they can't sell now that they want to push out the next vintage. They have so many 98's left in NH I'm afraid we'll never see the 99's. I had a couple bottles of 99 Insignia sent from CA, I will not take a chance on none coming to NH. The 94, for example I never saw here, just like the 96 Cinq Cepages. In these cases there are some insiders plus the restaurants that get it all I think.


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