I have a bottle of this and have an opportunity to pick up more, but it is rather pricey @ $75. Is this worth getting or should I pass at this price? Confused
Also, is this ready now or should I wait a few years?

Thanks. Wink
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Sorry Scotty, been wanting to try this myself, but stpped short at the price tag. Think it's a bit lower here, around $60ish...

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If it is anything like its namesake it should be very big but smooth and silky! Big Grin

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I don't think there's a better swing on the PGA, with the possible exception of Fred Couples in his heyday (and even now it's still a great swing).

On a wine note, haven't seen the wine here, but who knows - I'd like to give it a try.

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Do not know where you are from, but I had this wine at the Peninsula Grill in Charleston about six weeks ago. I am not qualified to give a tasting note, but it was a smooth, easy drinking heavy red. It got better as the night went along. I would buy another bottle for $75, but I tend to be more tolerant of paying a higher price for something I like.
Thanks for the info! One wine shop here in Greenville has about a case of this, so I may spring for some more.

Hmmm, I have an anniversary this weekend, perhaps I'll treat the wife to a bottle with some good aged parmesean cheese. Razz


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