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Anyone ever tried this wine? I got a bottle for my birthday, and I can't find much on the web, either about the producer or any tasting notes.

1996 Piedmont wines are supposed to be savers, but if anyone has any tasting notes on this wine, I'd appreciate reading them.

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I still haven't found any tasting notes about this wine. But I was pleasantly surprised to see the 1999 Torregiorgi Barbaresco on a tasting table this past weekend.

It was delicious... but liquid tannins. Tasted like it would be at least five more years before it was ready to drink, and would last another 10 minimum. But it was very good. Not much fruit, but good flavor... a wine to sip and enjoy slowly. 90 pts? Maybe more later.

Based on that tasting, I think I'm going to give my 1996 another two years at least.

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