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C'mon PNW soireeites..sorry Dr T, but this was #25 in the line-up for me. Here are my TN's ; PNW Soiree-style:
I went back for more, I think a few times. [Big Grin] When my glass was empty, I went for the Darioush or the '94 Del Dotto, what ever bottle was closer.
Lots of soiree-swillers were going for this one, and it was in very good company.
Yup, I liked it.

I bet Ojeffso has some fairly good notes on this.
Boy I guess I'm going to have to go back and retaste their wines because everything I've read here is nowhere near my experience with Darioush. My notes from May.
'99 Darioush Cabernet Franc, $24, Big nose of bell pepper, red fruits. 86 points.
'98 Darioush Estate CS, $28, light red fruits. 84 points.
'99 Darioush Signature CS $62, Acidic but not bright, currants, some vanilla, fairly simple. 87 points.
The bottle is incredibly heavy.

I have had this a couple of times now -- a little tight when it is opened (maybe I can see some of the simple, acidic notes here) but my experience is that this wine really opens up and gets more and more interesting the longer it is open. Great fruit that is not completely integrated with the tannin and acidity yet. I can see this laying down well and starting to emerge in another 5 years. I bought 3 bottles at $60.

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