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Although clearly a different (i.e. more restrained) style, Albert Mann is approaching the quality level of ZH and Weinbach, IMHO. I've been buying at least half a dozen of his wines in each of the last 6 vintages, and have not had one bad bottle yet. There's been a gradual improvement, with the '01s being exceptional. I'm expecting the prices will begin to reflect this quality in the next couple of years. Moral: buy now.

1999 Albert Mann Grand Cru Furstentum Riesling --pale gold color; nose gives off hints of sulphur and orange peel; in the mouth, full-bodied, lots of fruit with orange peel, peach, pear, apple, and just hints of mineral (much less mineral than anticipated); dense almost oily texture; very long finish. Length of finish is very impressive, but the wine is just a touch flabby. This one's a bit atypical for Mann, in my experience, moving toward ZH style. A big mouthful. App. 91-2 pts.

1999 Albert Mann Grand Cru Schlossberg Riesling -- a beautiful yellow/gold in color; tropical fruit and violet nose; similar flavors with bay leaf and lots of mineral/stone elements; even more minerals on the long finish. Bracing acidity. This one needs a bit more time, and may develop well. Today, app. 89-90 pts.

(For anyone who may not yet have tried Alsatian Rieslings, these are much drier and heftier than the currently-popular German, and are excellent wines to pair with food.)


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Had another bottle of 1999 Albert Mann Riesling Grand Cru Furstentum and it seems to be pretty much at its peak now. Darker golden colour, almost burnished copper; lot of fruit on the nose, orange, pear; really delicious but about minimal acidity for this much fruit, peach/apricot flavours, apple, mandarin orange, chalk/mineral, very lush texture; long rich finish. 92 pts. Great to drink on its own or with rich cheese.

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