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I've had this wine on a couple of occasions, and find your comments dead on. The last time I had it was in a blind line-up of "different off label wines".

The wine was pleasant. It had no sense of place or time. I actually guessed a NZ pinot, because of the lightness in color and flavor.

Here was my thoughts on this wine: If you want something a little meatier than a rose on a warm summer evening, chill this down and enjoy. Will go with most foods and doesn't make you think much.
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opened a bottle tonight. Grilled steak and lamb chops with orzo salad and grilled carrots and brussel sprouts.
The wine is indeed pleasant. I found it to have a little more of an earthy nose and racy flavor than I thought it would, (or that I remembered from prior tasting) but certainly nothing off-putting-I don't mean to suggest that.
It is light and fruity, even with the earthiness. Definitely a delicious wine. I think it will rest comfortably for a year in the cellar before I try another one--if I can wait.
Just tried my first bottle tonight and I was impressed. Red berry with some damp forest floor on the nose. Light to medium weight and smooth on the palate with more flavor and complexity than I expected. Similar profile to the cuvee's, but just a bit less of everything and with fruit flavors that are not as ripe. Very enjoyable now and may benefit from another year of cellar time

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