Here are my notes for the cheap 2002 Marquis Phillips. All we're bought for $12 from the Wine Library.

Marquis Phillips- Shiraz
The incredibly intense and vibrant fruit of the 2002 Shiraz wafts over the nose like a sweet perfurme. Opaque purple colored, its flavors offer similarly intense and ripe flavors of blueberry, blackberry and cream. Chocolate, spice, vanilla, mineral and a touch of bacon add uncommon depth to a wine of such a reasonable price. There is certainly some heat on the nose and taste but not too much. This is one of the best bargains I have ever consummed. It's laden with incredible fruit, and surprising depth and integration. I highly recommend drinking it at less than room temperature (low to mid 60°s). The alcohol is less prevalent and some extra complexity emerges. Just delicious!
91 points

Marquis Phillips- Sarah's
This wine smacks you in the face with incredibly intense, but somewhat over-the-top flavors. The ripe bosenberry and blackberry are deep, dark and immensely flavorful. The brooding underbelly of the wine then emerges, offering layers of molasses combined with smoke and cocoa. Oak, vanilla and freshly baked bread add additional complexity to the overall experience. Initially, this wine was just way too heavy and over-the-top for me. On the third day after opening, however, the wine acheived a much greater level of balance with the heavy flavors mellowing significantly, and additional nuances of mineral and licorice emerging.
90 points

Marquis Phillips- Cabernet
This wine has a very different profile than the Marquis Phillips shiraz. The ripe cassis and black cherry are still are the most prominent feature, but there is a surprising amount of mineral and tobacco right from the get go. The sweetness of the wine's maple syrup contrasts the Bordeaux-like mineral edge quite nicely. But, don't get me wrong, this wine is distinctly Australian with its boisterous and rambunctous fruit personality. Unfortunately, its raw materials don't display the same depth or grip as the shiraz.
87 points

Marquis Phillips- Merlot
Overripe aromas of raisins, prunes and maple syrup tempt you to taste, wondering what will follow. Will it be over the top and too extracted? Well, yes but not to an unenjoyable degree. The flavors mirror the nose, but with a surprising amount of contrasting dryness, taming the sweet flavors. The long, long finish showcases the juicy fruits. Not balanced or complex, just nice.
86 points

Overall, when this style is executed well it makes for a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, the Cab and Merlot just can't pull it off like the others. To enjoy these wines you must let them breath and you must serve them in the low to mid 60s.

Original Post
When the wife and I tried a bottle of this last summer when in New Smirna Beach, FL, we didn't have good results.

The combination of the summer heat and humidity and the lack of proper stemware did not allow this wine to impress us. The wine was probably a degree or two over a recommended serving temp, but just was awful. (The shiraz) Hot, alcoholic, out of balance, and tasted like cough syrup.

I'm glad that other people have been able to enjoy it. And I'll be the first one to say that by my not liking it, it leaves more for the people who do... Wink Big Grin


So, brocolli, Mother says you're very good for me. Well, I'm afraid I'm no good for you!
I think the MP Shiraz is a very good wine displaying many of the classic Australian Shiraz characteristics with lots of fruit (but not too much)! And for $11.99/ is a steal. I bought a case.

I agree with Brettay on the Cab....a sweet syrup taste. I did not like it nearly as much as the Shiraz.

by WineZinHeimer
Bettray, I'm in total agreeement with you. The shiraz is the best, Sarah is second and they are both incredible values. I did not decant these and drank them in the following 2 hours after opening and felt they were not bad to drink.

The cab is a good value bt not quite as good as the other two. I would still have given it 89 pts.

I did not taste the merlot.

I'm sorry I just bought 4 of each and I'm sorry to say that it has been difficult for my wife and I to drink anything else in the last few months so I have one of each left.
I bought a couple of each and am neither thrilled nor disappointed. I'm in the lukewarm camp. But I want to give a shout out for the merlot. It really is not my style but is an amazingly distinctive wine. It gets high points for that and is the one I would definately reccommend trying.
I serve MP to my friends that know a little about wine and know that MP is a hot wine but don't relly taste a lot. They're happy to try it, it's cheap, and I'm not saving it for any special occassion.
Bettay, in your original post you make a solid point about the serving temp. being better in the 60 to 65 F. range. For my taste buds to not be assaulted by wines of this nature this is crucial. If they’re served at room temp I loose my ability to detect the nuances, and the shock n’ fruity-awe ends up brutalizing my palate into sensory overload! That said, and still preferring Old World-esque juice, I do enjoy the MP wines, as well as many of the other Aussie-over-the-tops.
I think the 02 Shiraz has improved only slightly since release. It is not as hot as it was last summer. Having said that, this wine is a good everyday drinking wine but I would not say that is going to improve as much as the 01 Shiraz did. There is enough fruit there for additional aging but I don’t think this wine will ever taste seamless. It’s rather disjointed.

The 02 Sarah’s is better now to me than the 01 Sarah’s. The blend helps this wine taste more like a blend of rather good wines. Nothing hot here. A good wine for the money.

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