well actually, after finishing 1/2 the bottle I told Stef the only tasting note I had was "yech".

Nose was muted. A slight honey taste but mostly bland, wooddy and flavorless. It got worse with the diver scallops I ordered, turning metallic and making the scallops turn fishy. This is probably the only non flawed wine I'd give less than 70 points since the Gallo Twin Lakes run out in the yard and spit incedent last year.

Santa Cruz Mountains Vintage Chart
Never been a big fan of St Joseph or Croze blancs.
I wonder why they bother trying. So this is not surprising to me.

I enjoy good white Rhones -- aged white Hermitage may, in fact, be my favorite type of dry white. I can't say I've had many white St. Joseph or Crozes-Hermitage, however, FWIW: the 1998 Chapoutier St. Joseph Les Granits Blanc is a fabulous wine, imo, so, at least, I think it can be accomplished in St. Joseph.


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