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Let me preface by saying this is my first real TN, so I apologise in advance for what may be lacking.

I picked up a few bottles of this while looking for a nice QPR red. At $16.95 a bottle here in Ontario I figured it was worth a look.

The colour is very dark purple nearly to the rim, where it breaks into a garnet hue.

The nose is also very pleasing with dark fruit, spice and smoky oak.

What you smell is what you get. Loads of dark fruit and a healthy dose of spice, with the smoky oak quick to follow. The body is lovely, full and mouth filling.

Nice acidity to balance the fruit through the midpalate. It is little hot for its 14.5% alcohol. Not overpowering, but a little hotter than I prefer. Tannins are present and accounted for, and a pleasant finish of admirable length.

I would buy it again without hesitation and quickly recommend it for those looking to drink under $20.

At its pricepoint I think it is outstanding. 90 points.
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I have enjoyed this as well. Lots of rich dark fruits and licorice with overtones of euccalyptus and spice. Solid 89pts and great QPR at ~$9. **I have only run accross the 'old style gold label bottles here.**

It is suprisingly hard to find in my area, and I have been told it is being bought up in large quantities due to the WS rating.
I felt I had to post a reply here...I've had four bottles since, one was as good, the other three were not 90 point wines. They were not bad wines, but not 90 pointers.

There seems to be tremendous bottle variation in play, though they were all the "gold band" bottles.

Also of note, at least half of the bottles have had cracking corks with wine bleeding about halfway up the cork. Not good. Oddly though, at least one of the two great bottles suffered this cork issue.
Tasted last week with a NY strip steak dinner...I have to preface this by saying that I was having symptoms of the flu but didn't know it at the time of trying this I am sure this wine is a lot better than what I say about it. Very tasty for $13. I would not say that it is a 92 point (or whatever it was scored) but a good wine for the price. Alcohol wasn't too prominent, fruit was just right. A nice little shiraz and I would highly recommend it...BD88

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